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Good Night and Good Luck

I’m leaving Facebook and Twitter for the foreseeable future. I will not delete either account, but I will not be responding to messages or tweets. Over the course of the last several months I have found it increasingly difficult to deal with all the distractions and detriments that social media has brought onto me. I know it is my choice whether to participate in social media or not which is why I am making the choice to step back from it for the time being. I will not post personal updates on Facebook and I will not respond to messages or comments on any posts. I will not post tweets or respond to tweets directed toward me.

I have found it is best for me to ignore all of the negativity that swirls in and around social media. This also goes for any and all conversations I may see in things that I participate in such as online conversations via Facebook, Yahoo, CNN, or any other comment generating media such as chat rooms and even online games. While I may still visit such venues from time to time to keep up with the progression of the world, I will not engage in any sort of contact with any other person through these mediums. If my feelings on this worsen, I will cease visiting news outlets as they too are a generator of negativity and in today’s internet culture, only seem to serve the “Internet Troll” and not the ordinary citizen.

The few exceptions in this will be the posting of updates pertinent to my chosen profession(s) as an author / editor / ghost writer / content reviewer. Any photos posted on either my personal Facebook page, Twitter, or my Author page(s) will be solely for further developing my business. Any and all business related correspondence should be directed to the following email address:


Only business related emails will receive a response. All others will be discarded. To further isolate myself, you may not receive a response from me at all, but from one of my writing partners or my producer.

In the event of an emergency, I may choose to respond to correspondence. However, no one should assume that I am constantly watching my email or that I will visit any of the websites previously listed. My immediate family should already know how to reach me in the event of an emergency.

The internet is a wonderful place. However, it is also populated with horrors and unseemly characters that many of us would never allow into our own homes. It is pretty much the electronic version of the real world. Just as most of us would never voluntarily walk down a street in a violent neighborhood, I am choosing not to visit places on the internet that would ultimately do me harm. To me, this violent place has become social media.

In several instances of simply trying to become part of the conversation, I have been labeled as unpatriotic, antireligious, and irresponsible. I’ve also been called various racial slurs that I will not reproduce here. I have been demeaned for going to college and I have been made fun of for reading books. I have been called a “fag lover” because I believe that marriage should be between two people who love each other and not just a man and a woman. I have been called anti American because I never wanted any of our military people to go to Iraq to die in a pointless war. I have been called a towelhead because I said we should not automatically assume that Muslims were behind the Boston bombings. I have been called “Chinky” and “Gooker” because I actually have no problem with the Asian community. I have been told “Go back to Mexico” because of my surname. I have been called a pedophile because I enjoy Japanese animation. Apparently, you cannot do anything in this world without someone hating you.

Over time, it’s become quite clear to me that there is no way to win at this. There are only certain levels of losing. Some people are so set in their ways that no amount of proof of something one way or another will get them to change their minds. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. Yet, so many were so set in their ways that they refused to see the truth. Years later, the same thing happened when people figured out that the Earth wasn’t flat or that it revolved around the sun. Again, people were in denial over this. Nowadays, we see these things and accept them as fact because scientists have studied and proved them to be true.

For most people, you are either one way or another. There is no room for middle ground.

It is because of these things that I am choosing to no longer be part of the conversation. If any of my past statements didn’t sit well with you, consider this a gift as you won’t have to hear from me for an extended period of time. If you never noticed me before, you’ll not realize I am gone now and your life will not change. Very few people will actually care that I am no longer around. I can think of maybe two who might see my exit as negative. Sadly, most will either not care or actually be happy that I am no longer around. Again, consider it a gift.

If and when I come back, it will be on my own accord and not because of anyone else. I am not doing this for anyone else. I am doing this for myself. I want to do the things I love such as reading, writing, painting, drawing, and going back to college. I don’t want people to call me insane or make fun of me because I suffer from mental illness. My doctors have previously encouraged me to be more social and to go out more. In this case, I have to dismiss their suggestions and concentrate on just being me and not exposing myself to a group of hateful people who do not even realize they are prejudice.

I know people may read this and assume I am lumping everyone together. I am not. I never have. It would be like me saying something like “The world is full of bad parents.” People are offended by this. They never take the time to think about the statement. They never sit and think to themselves “Am I a bad parent?” They immediately assume I am talking about everyone. Why don’t they take the time to review their own record?

Do you raise your children to be good and honest people? Do you care for you kids? Do you feed them, cloth them? Take them to school? If so, then the above statement doesn’t apply to you. So, why are you offended?

Are you part of a group of hateful and prejudice people? If not, you should not be offended by my statement. If you are, then that is not my problem. It is yours and you need to look inside yourself and figure it out.

It is with this that I am signing off of social media. I do not know if or when I may return. Until then, I leave you with the words of Edward R. Murrow. Goodnight and good luck.


Ladies and Gentleman, I Give You…Americans!

And these, my worldly friends, are Americans.

Notice the immaturity in their responses as well as their unwillingness to see more than 5 minutes in front of them. Yes, the American is an interesting creature; one that votes for a president because they affiliate themselves with a political party and not because that candidate has their best interests in mind.

Yes, Americans…more than willing to say that everyone should follow a certain set of rules…except themselves, of course. Special exceptions for them!

Oh, yes. Americans…so upset about supposedly nothing being done to lower the deficit, yet refuse to do anything about it themselves. Indeed, they are a strange people. Only they would immediately assume a Muslim or an Asian was responsible for the bombings in Boston with absolutely NO proof.

Only they would disrespect the office of their leader by offering him snide remarks and heckles instead of actually calling or writing their own senators and congressmen to take part in the democratic process. And yes, they will mock me as well for saying these truths and still not offer any solutions to the problems we face in our country today…like perhaps seeing the bigger picture on things like abortion where we should respect that fact that it is the woman’s decision to have the procedure or not and none of their business. After all, I don’t walk into their homes and tell them how to live or what to believe in. Heck, if I did, they would probably shoot me…which would be fine because they might have seen me as a threat…which is strange because although they have the right to shoot me if i enter their home, a gay couple has no recourse when they tell them they cannot get married.

And why can they not get married? The bible, that’s why! Yes! Americans look to a 2 thousand year old text; a collection of stories passed down for generations and still try to apply all the rules in it to life as if it applied today. They say no! You cannot marry because in the bible it says a man shall never lie with another man as he does a woman. And yes, only Americans would then conveniently ignore the part where is says we should sell our daughters into slavery. They’ve also cherry picked a few other things that they think we should ALL follow, even though not all of us follow that religion, but hey…they’re AMERICANS so we should never question THEIR ideas, right?

Only within America is it considered bad to, god forbid, change your mind about something! That’s right, folks! Only in America do you get branded with the name “Flip Flopper” for changing the way you see the world…unless you go from disagreeing with them TO agreeing with them. Apparently, that is just fine.

An interesting and sometimes hilarious bunch, these Americans are! Only they would take to Twitter after seeing the movie Olympus Has Fallen and begin spouting hateful things like “Fuck all the gooks!” and “Fucking Asians should all die! Kill them all!” and think it were perfectly fine. After all, hey! Freedom of speech, right? That means I can say anything I want, right? In America, we’re free to do what we want , too! In fact, one could say those are one in the same…but then again, just because I have the freedom to run full speed into a cactus doesn’t make it a good idea. The same can be applied to freedom of speech. Sure, you can say anything you want…but should you? Calling for all Asians to be killed is technically freedom of speech…but wait…we have Asian Americans. Should we kill all them, too? Guess that’s not such a good idea after all…so let’s instead say KILL ALL THE MUSLIMS!

But wait…there are Muslims that are also American citizens. Should we kill them as well?

But hey, this is still America! A country where if the terrorist is white it must mean he is mentally ill…or it was the fault of violent video games or metal music. Yeah, that must be it… because if the terrorist was brown it MUST mean he just hates America and therefore he and everyone like him should die! Right?

In American…right?

So, I hope you all enjoyed the tour as much as I did. I’ve done this tour a handful of times and I must say, I still find myself surprised at the end of it! Americans…so quick to judge, so quick to bash others, so quick to tell all the “niggers” to go home…even though the white man brought them all here by force. Hold on, I need to look up the word irony.

Ah, yes! Here we go! Irony! Bitching and complaining that American jobs are leaving the country…while at the same time complaining that the Chinese-made goods at Wal-mart are still too expensive.

Oh, those crazy Americans! I always have to deal with their petty threats. They’re always saying I’m unpatriotic by saying these things and they feel the need to make the same old threats to me. One even told me that if I loved China so much, why don’t I just move there…posted from his Chinese-made iPhone.


Lindsay Lohan is At It Again


So…I like Lindsay. As a person, I mean. One thing I cannot figure out for the life of me is this. I’ve been driving nearly 20 years and I have never once caused an accident. She manages to do it several times over the last few years. So far she’s had a couple of DUI’s, clipped a cop car, clipped a pedestrian, etc.


All this in a span of maybe 4 years?


Hasn’t a single judge once thought to themselves “Alright, maybe we should revoke her license for a couple of years.” Not that she would listen, but every subsequent incident would have that tacked on to it as well. I keep hoping she will get her life together. I really do. Like any other human being, I don’t want to see bad things happen to her. I truly thought she was on the up and up after she completed some required probation work. How is it possible no one has put a damn leash on her? Someone needs to just start taking her by the hand and tell her no! No driving, Lindsay.


I don’t want to think this, but maybe she will finally wake up when she’s flat broke and a full blown alcoholic. I’d hate to see her at 30 with absolutely nothing to her name. It seems we always end up seeing famous people who come into a lot of money end up losing it all. Kind of like Vince Young the football player. He signed a contract for 26 million dollars his rookie year and now it’s all gone. How is it possible for someone to blow through 26 million? How stupid do you have to be to let all that money go? You’d think Vince would have hired someone like a financial adviser to help with all that dough. I know I would if I didn’t know how to handle my money. Reports say that his agent and an adviser swindled out of most of the money, but they claim he just goes on spending sprees. Spending sprees aren’t so bad as long as you have something to show for it. Buy a house? That’s fine! At least you could later turn around and sell it.


Just a little annoyed because it feels like I’ve heard this same story a thousand times. Young person gets famous, gets money, then throws it all away with poor decision making.

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Aurora, CO Shooting – There is No God

I keep hearing and seeing people say things about what happened in Aurora, CO at The Dark Knight Rises premier. People seem to be saying the same thing.

What a tragedy!

How insane!

At least, this is what they say about the people who were killed. A bunch of others were injured, but luckily they made it out alive. Many others got out unscathed. As I said about those that got out with only minor injuries…lucky.

I also keep hearing people say “Thankfully God was watching over the survivors!” They also post things on Twitter and Facebook saying essentially the same thing.

God was looking out for them!

God protected them!

God wasn’t protecting anyone.

How can I say such a heartless thing? I don’t see it as heartless. I just see it as the truth. I find it fascinating that people say that God was looking out for the survivors. Screw the survivors. What about those that died? Who was looking out for them? Nobody…because there is no God.

God supposedly looks out for people that truly believe. He looks out for people that live good lives. What does that say about those that were killed? Where they bad people? Did they break laws? Were they evil? Criminal? Only they truly know what kind of lives they led.

And then there’s the shooter, a 24 year old guy named James Holmes. What about him? Police say he thought he was the Joker. Before this, he was apparently a premed student. Not such a bad thing. It’s interesting to think about though. How do you go from being premed to killing innocent people in a crowded movie theater? One thing we can probably say for sure is…he knew what he was doing.

He knew he was going somewhere where the crowds would be large and held in a confined space. Anyone who is familiar with a movie theater knows that in most cases, you walk up s short walkway, then travel up a few steps to get to your seats. Once you’re settled in and ready to see the movie, there are only two ways out: the emergency exit or back the way you came. Fact is either way you have to go back down those steps to get there, to get out. James knew this. He knew people would be stuck up a handful of steps. He knew how they would be seating. He knew once the film was going and people were into it, it was going to be a turkey shoot.

And then there’s God. Did God see the evil inside this person? Did God stop him from accumulating all those weapons? The body armor? The gas mask? Did God try to stop him from going into that movie theater? Was he up there in heaven looking down at him while he slaughtered women? Children? Good people who probably had nothing against him? No. He didn’t. If God was there, looking over the bloodshed, he knew what was happening. He knew people would die.

God looked over that scene and he didn’t seem to mind.

And what’s happening now? James is getting exactly what he wants. Everyone is talking about him as if he were a celebrity. He’s all over the papers, online news sites, Twitter, Facebook, Google+…everywhere. We’re giving him exactly what he wanted.

God bless the survivors? The victims? No.

God bless no one.

Getup Get God

Getup Get God (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

Data used in the article was sourced from CNN.com.

Article by Ruby Jones (@Ruby_M_Jones), Emily Carmichael (@Executive_Emily) and Richard Allen (@RichardAllenRH).

Proofs Are In

I am sitting here holding my book and thinking the white paper over creme was a good choice. I like the way the cover came out. I didn’t want it to look overly polished. I wanted to give it an older, sort of used look. I’m not sure people will understand that though so I am considering updating the cover slightly.

May 29th, 2012

Take a deep breath…

“Last Night” Will Be Free Friday

Just putting it out there that “Last Night,” my short story that asks you to reexamine what friendship really means will be free for one day only on Amazon. It’s usually $.99 since it just a short, but on Friday March 16th, 2012 it will be 100% free. Reviews of the story posted on Amazon will be welcome as well. Thank you again for the continued support.

Ruby is Blowing Up!

She is currently #40 in Humor – Amazon Best Seller list and moving up strong. If this keeps up, I can see her breaking the top 100 overall very soon so lets keep those downloads going!


Last Night is Free on Amazon…Really!

That’s right. It’s really free. Help get Last Night to #1 by telling everyone you know about it and downloading it. You don’t even need a Kindle reader to do it. You can use the Kindle computer reader or even the cloud reader. Just download! Download! Download!. Unfortunately, each account can only download it one time each so please do what you can to spread the word.

When I mean free, I don’t mean free after some dumb rebate or anything like that . I mean free as in completely 100% free. No delivery costs, no extra stuff to do. Just go to Amazon, look up the book, click order, you will see where it says FREE and then just like that it will give you the option of where to have it sent. Again, you can have it sent to a Kindle device, the cloud reader, or the kindle for computer reader. Heck, there are even Apps for devices like iPads, iPhones, and Androids out there as well.

It’s not a very long read either. It’s all of 17 pages so it’s short and sweet. I’ve gotten great reviews from scholars and a couple of hate reviews from trolls so you know it’s good stuff. For a shortcut to book, you can click here. Once you read it, make sure you got back and give it a review if you have time or at least a big “Thumbs up!” so people will be encouraged to check it out! You can also visit the Facebook event by clicking here.

Thank you all for your continued support of my work and once the Rumbling Heart Series is ready to come back, I will work on trying to get those free on Amazon as well.

Cover for Last Night

Cover of Last Night

Super Bowl on NBC.com

I gotta say the best thing that NBC did was to offer the super bowl free via streaming on NBC.com. I’ve been checking it out and the quality is pretty damn good. They also have something called the Twitter war which is a little fun and the Giants have been winning it for the most part. Again, if for some reason you are somewhere without a TV, go to NBC.com and the link is very visable, you can’t miss it.

To NBC, good call on doing this for those of us that don’t watch Television.