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100 Things I Learned About Japan from Anime

Here is a quick list of 100 things I’ve learned about Japan from Anime. (obviously satirical)

1. There is always some spineless guy who ends up with 5-7 girls all pining after him.
2. Making someone a bento is one of the greatest things in the world (I would agree with this).
3. The older a girl gets, the larger her breasts.
4. Excitable girls always tackle some hapless guy and land on their faces, crotch first.
5. Boys often get random nosebleeds throughout the day and no one notices.
6. All Americans that live in Japan are narcissistic a**holes. (Come on, I’m American and I can laugh at it)
7. 16 year old guys in high school always have a long lost childhood friend that they forget about.
8. Girls will almost always kick a guys’ butt.
9. When women fight, they always rip each others clothes off, but what’s left always manages to cover up their privates.
10. Cherry blossoms.
11. Never let your guard down or some pervert with a camera will start taking your picture.
12. Every girl except the very nerdy bookworm with glasses can do the high jump.
13. At least once a year you end up at the beach with one male friend and 5-7 female friends wearing amazing bathing suits…except for that one girl who wears her school swimsuit.
14. Someone always manages to win tickets to a hot springs spa.
15. And the theme park.
16. For some reason, women feel the need to take the spineless guy with them to buy lingerie where each of them asks his opinion of their chosen outfits.
17. Don’t worry about bringing your lunch. 7 girls will always share their lunch with you, even feeding it to you.
18. Fireworks on the beach.
19. Girls in Kimono’s are amazingly beautiful.
20. The only people who attend anime release parties are middle aged guys all wearing headbands.
21. The guy will always choose the absolute worst thing to do when the best girl confesses to him.
22. Harihu Suzumiya is God. Get the f*** over it.
23. Every hot girl you know will eventually end up sleeping next to you.
24. It snows every year on Christmas.
25. No one’s parents are ever home.
26. They guy we end up listening to always sits by the window, 1 seat from the last.
27. Lusting after a flat chested, 16 year old girl is completely acceptable as long as you make fun of her first.
28. Every girl you know just happens to have different colored hair making it remarkably easy to tell them apart.
29. Oh, that damn blonde guy.
30. If your parent’s aren’t home, they’re dead and you and your younger sister have been living on your own since you were 10 because, you know, that’s totally acceptable.
31. Mysterious transfer student.
32. You best friend is guaranteed to be a pervert. It’s going to happen so don’t fight it.
33. The smartest person in class is also the most stuck up. Jerk.
34. Certain students get special treatment like being allowed to read in the library while the rest of us have to sweat it out in class.
35. Everyone takes home economics.
36. All the protagonists suck in sports, except Yamato from Suzuka because he’s the man.
37. Everyone loves eggs!
38. I’m heading off to the all you can eat cake shop. Who’s with me?
39. Frequently visiting adult themed tea houses isn’t creepy at all.
40. Karaoke or you’re out of the club!
41. The cultural festival basically means you get 5 days to screw around at school while possibly scoring with a hot girl. Why is this not in America?
42. Discount Ken Watanabe.
43. Oh, you love me and you sacrificed your life for me? That’s sweet…but I still don’t choose you.
44. Every time you end up at a public bath you somehow end up in the girls side and no one calls the police.
45. Public baths?
46. You can destroy buildings, murder people, set off explosions, and no one ever dies.
47. Every vampire is hot and for some reason, still in high school.
48. You made me a bento without making the sausage look like a little octopus? A**hole!
49. All you have to do is say you feel sick and you’re allowed to sleep in the nurse’s office all day.
50. Sinking every ship in your anime is completely acceptable. In fact, author’s love your tears (Oreimo).
51. Visiting that hill just outside the city somehow solves all your problems.
52. Every part time job you get as a high schooler is embarrassing yet that one guy you like always manages to walk in when you least expect it.
53. Why does that mother not slap her kid for lifting up my skirt!
54. Pocky.
55. Almost everyone still uses flip phones. Apparently, Samsung and Apple haven’t made it to Japan yet.
56. Only perverts buy figurines of their favorite anime characters.
57. Dating sims are amazing!
58. It’s not Sony, it’s Suny.
59. The girl with the long, white hair who barely speaks is the most awesome girl ever…until she literally rips out your heart.
60. There are no stupid girls, just stupid guys.
61. Even now we will cheer for Taiga and if you don’t, she’ll kick your a**.
62. If a girl shares her bento with you, the entire class will scowl at you the entire time.
63. Robots.
64. Girls with their long hair in ponytails are amazingly cute.
65. Every student is forced to take an English course, but they all suck at it.
66. This is what every girl in Japan looks like.

67. Screw the rules, I have money!
68. Reading adult themed manga on the train is completely acceptable.
69. Everyone visits Okinawa at least once.
70. Bon festivals are awesome!
71. Marrying your cousin is not considered weird.
72. B*TCH FLAKES! Eat up, Baka!
73. Hercules beetles are fairly common and girls don’t freak out at all when one flies into their hair.
74. If you’re a lonely guy, don’t worry. By tomorrow some girl you’ve not seen since childhood and whom you don’t remember will crotch tackle you the next morning.
75. Loli’s are not lollipops.
76. She hates you and tries to murder you? Now she is making out with you? Makes perfect sense.
77. Always go to the roof to confess to someone because…well, just because.
78. Most girls do not have lips until they are wearing lipstick. That’s weird!
79. Putting your head on a girl’s lap is the most erotic thing in the world.
80. Sure, let’s head off to the beach for several days and solve a mystery because f*ck school.
81. If you’re an alien sharing your body with a 16 year old boy, it’s perfectly fine to destroy half the city because no one will care.
82. Every girl I know has a secret life as a teen model.
83. All adult males are ridiculously huge while their teenage counterparts are all small and wimpy.
84. So that’s what the red string means.
85. It’s perfectly acceptable for your 15 year old sister to take a bath with you unless the girl you like just happens to walk into your house, unannounced and feels the need to see if you’re in the bathroom not by knocking, but by just walking in.
86. Photography clubs.
87. Kendo looks fun! I should try that!
88. Every girl you like wants to kill you for absolutely no reason.
89. We’re locked in the equipment closet again? Why does this keep happening to me and some random hot girl?
90. There is no such thing as sex. The stork brings the babies.
91. Schools in Japan don’t have air conditioning.
92. Card games on motorcycles.
93. It takes 4 episodes for someone to power up and the fight lasts all of 68 seconds.
94. All teenage males are perverts.
95. All female teachers have massive breasts.
96. All male teachers are middle aged with glasses.
97. The characters from Cowboy Bebop are not from Texas.
98. The police are the most clueless people in the world and always arrive after a seven hour fight just finishes and there is no one to arrest.
99. Everyone hates Kirino.
100. The younger you are the biggers your eyes get.

100 “sins.” Sentence: (drumroll) (Credit to Cinema Sins for the Ding idea)




NSA Spying Fiasco

Here is a little something I wrote up about this whole NSA fiasco.

This all reminds me of that scene with Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight when Batman is doing everything possible to locate and capture the joker. Batman lets lucius know he took his sonar idea and applied it to every cellphone in the city for the sole purpose of catching one man (A terrorist). Foxx refers to it as “Beautiful, unethical, dangerous.” When Batman says he must do everything he can to stop the joker, Foxx looks at him and says “At what cost?”

Even Christopher Nolan saw this coming as many of us did. How many more liberties are you willing to sacrifice in the name of safety? How many more laws are going to pass, taking away more of our freedoms until we realize that we have completely given up on the idea of freedom and have become slaves to fear? Even with all these new laws that are supposed to keep us safe from terrorists, I don’t feel even a tiny bit safer. In fact, I feel more like a prisoner. Knowing I can’t do anything unless big brother is looking over my shoulder goes against everything I was taught about the USA growing up.

For years, people have been talking about the novel 1984, saying that we are heading in that direction. Most of the people who said that stuff were called conspiracy theorists. Well, it’s not longer a theory. It’s a fact. For so long allowing the government to do this kind of thing has been seen as a slippery slope. Well, I can see us sliding already. Many people 50 years from now will mark this as the beginning of the end of our freedom. It start with the Patriot Act and it continued with what we are seeing now. I openly admit to being a staunch Obama supporter all these years, but this…I cannot accept.

I know this program started under Bush, but Obama kept it going. I refuse to live in a police state. These violations of privacy are unacceptable. When I am an old man and look back on my life, tracing back to when I lost faith in the “American Way,” I can mark this as the starting point. I can see now why some millionaires are leaving the country. Not only for tax purposes, but this country is no longer free. There are a ton of other countries out there that are safer than ours but their people are truly free. I am sure any number of them would be happy to take a few more millionaires in.

Referring back to The Dark Knight, Foxx finally said to Batman “I’ll help you this one time, but consider this my resignation. As long as this machine exists at Wayne Enterprises, I won’t.” I wish politicians had as much backbone as a fictional character. One can only wish they would have the guts to stand up for what is right. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is wrong on so many levels. I am not one to make idle threats, but believe me when I say if and when I’m financially able to leave this country, I will. As long as this sort of program exists in the United States, I won’t.


This is no longer the land of the free. It is the home of the scared. For years we have been told that if we don’t do this or that, that the terrorists will win. Well, guess what. They have. Sure, the government will say they have thwarted an attack here and there, but if they are hiding this program from us, who is to say any of what they tell us about preventing terror attacks is true? You know how the terrorists have won? We cannot go anywhere in our country anymore without being on camera. We cannot watch television without the NSA knowing about it. We cannot surf the internet, make a phone call, send a text message, or have what we thought were private conversations on Facebook without big brother watching every single thing we are saying. Even Michael Caine‘s character Alfred Pennyworth told Batman what he felt they would eventually have to do to catch the jewel thief when he was in Burma: they burned the forest down.

I’ve lost all confidence in the US Government when it comes to protecting the rights of its citizens. When a government can take any citizen it wants and jail them indefinitely without filing charges, you cannot consider this a free country. Yes, they really can do that. Go read the Patriot Act and it will show you how it can. The same thing for people who still think the government needs a search warrant to tap your phones. They don’t. Again, it’s in the Patriot Act. All they government has to do is say that they think you are a threat and they can completely tear your life apart and there is nothing you can do about it. You can view all the data on the Patriot Act here. 

People will still argue that these laws are in place to protect us. I do not feel any safer than I did before 911. It is a sad fact that everyone dies. No amount of laws will ever keep us 100% safe. It is a cold hard fact. There will always be terrorism and there will always be mass killers walking into schools and movie theaters looking to kill as many people as possible. Short of taking away virtually every freedom we have left, no law will ever stop these things. Ever.

Cover of "The Dark Knight: Wide Screen Co...

Cover via Amazon

Ladies and Gentleman, I Give You…Americans!

And these, my worldly friends, are Americans.

Notice the immaturity in their responses as well as their unwillingness to see more than 5 minutes in front of them. Yes, the American is an interesting creature; one that votes for a president because they affiliate themselves with a political party and not because that candidate has their best interests in mind.

Yes, Americans…more than willing to say that everyone should follow a certain set of rules…except themselves, of course. Special exceptions for them!

Oh, yes. Americans…so upset about supposedly nothing being done to lower the deficit, yet refuse to do anything about it themselves. Indeed, they are a strange people. Only they would immediately assume a Muslim or an Asian was responsible for the bombings in Boston with absolutely NO proof.

Only they would disrespect the office of their leader by offering him snide remarks and heckles instead of actually calling or writing their own senators and congressmen to take part in the democratic process. And yes, they will mock me as well for saying these truths and still not offer any solutions to the problems we face in our country today…like perhaps seeing the bigger picture on things like abortion where we should respect that fact that it is the woman’s decision to have the procedure or not and none of their business. After all, I don’t walk into their homes and tell them how to live or what to believe in. Heck, if I did, they would probably shoot me…which would be fine because they might have seen me as a threat…which is strange because although they have the right to shoot me if i enter their home, a gay couple has no recourse when they tell them they cannot get married.

And why can they not get married? The bible, that’s why! Yes! Americans look to a 2 thousand year old text; a collection of stories passed down for generations and still try to apply all the rules in it to life as if it applied today. They say no! You cannot marry because in the bible it says a man shall never lie with another man as he does a woman. And yes, only Americans would then conveniently ignore the part where is says we should sell our daughters into slavery. They’ve also cherry picked a few other things that they think we should ALL follow, even though not all of us follow that religion, but hey…they’re AMERICANS so we should never question THEIR ideas, right?

Only within America is it considered bad to, god forbid, change your mind about something! That’s right, folks! Only in America do you get branded with the name “Flip Flopper” for changing the way you see the world…unless you go from disagreeing with them TO agreeing with them. Apparently, that is just fine.

An interesting and sometimes hilarious bunch, these Americans are! Only they would take to Twitter after seeing the movie Olympus Has Fallen and begin spouting hateful things like “Fuck all the gooks!” and “Fucking Asians should all die! Kill them all!” and think it were perfectly fine. After all, hey! Freedom of speech, right? That means I can say anything I want, right? In America, we’re free to do what we want , too! In fact, one could say those are one in the same…but then again, just because I have the freedom to run full speed into a cactus doesn’t make it a good idea. The same can be applied to freedom of speech. Sure, you can say anything you want…but should you? Calling for all Asians to be killed is technically freedom of speech…but wait…we have Asian Americans. Should we kill all them, too? Guess that’s not such a good idea after all…so let’s instead say KILL ALL THE MUSLIMS!

But wait…there are Muslims that are also American citizens. Should we kill them as well?

But hey, this is still America! A country where if the terrorist is white it must mean he is mentally ill…or it was the fault of violent video games or metal music. Yeah, that must be it… because if the terrorist was brown it MUST mean he just hates America and therefore he and everyone like him should die! Right?

In American…right?

So, I hope you all enjoyed the tour as much as I did. I’ve done this tour a handful of times and I must say, I still find myself surprised at the end of it! Americans…so quick to judge, so quick to bash others, so quick to tell all the “niggers” to go home…even though the white man brought them all here by force. Hold on, I need to look up the word irony.

Ah, yes! Here we go! Irony! Bitching and complaining that American jobs are leaving the country…while at the same time complaining that the Chinese-made goods at Wal-mart are still too expensive.

Oh, those crazy Americans! I always have to deal with their petty threats. They’re always saying I’m unpatriotic by saying these things and they feel the need to make the same old threats to me. One even told me that if I loved China so much, why don’t I just move there…posted from his Chinese-made iPhone.


The Gun Debate


Here is a Facebook response I posted to someone arguing about pro-gun legislation and about how the government is now trying to limit how and what guns are available.


“Most people are looking at this as sort of like the bible. Many people do not live by things written in a 2000 year old text. Sure, it has some moral lessons in it, but for the most part it is not followed today word for word. Not even close. (We don’t sell our daughters into slavery anymore) The same can be said about any government constitution. When it was written, they did not have the same problems that we do now. The world has changed. Back when this was written, they did not have fully automatic weapons or magazines that could hold a massive amount of ammunition. People are hating on the AR-15 lately. Pro gun people say it is not an assault rifle, yet I know a guy who can, with a few minor changes, make it fully automatic. Adjustments will always have to be made to things like laws because the world is always changing. Not too long ago, minorities were not allowed to sit in the front of the bus in many places in our country. That has changed. The same for women. With out the suffrage movement, women would still be without a voice in this country. Instead of holding steadfastly to an old rule, why not offer ways to improve it and adapt it to the world today? Many pro gunners reject the changes to the laws outright without offering any suggestions of their own, no original ideas. I am neither for or against guns. I think they serve a purpose so I am not arguing for or against any sort of ban. What I am saying is we need to have a real discussion or this will never be resolved. Until both parties are willing to sit and talk it out, this will go on pretty much forever. We get angry at our senators and congressmen when a budget doesn’t get passed, yet pro and anti gunners are doing the exact same thing with this issue…barking real loud, but not solving a thing.”


R. Allen


Johnson Automatic Rifle (in Center)

Johnson Automatic Rifle (in Center) (Photo credit: neepster)

Sandy Hook School Shootings: Why It Will Keep Happening

It’s a very simple question. Why do these people feel the need to run off and shoot up a school or a mall or their workplace then kill themselves? My sister asked why, if someone is planning to kill themselves, do they not just off themselves and not kill a bunch of other people. My answer was this: “Because suicides don’t get media attention, but murders do.” It was to the point and very accurate. It’s very true. Think of it. You rarely hear about suicides in the media unless it was the death of a well known person like an actor or a musical artist. If you are a regular Joe like most of us and you kill yourself, you’re lucky to get a simple obituary in the local paper. But if you take a bunch of people with you, you are surely to be remembered and people will begin to wonder more about who you are.

It’s been happening for years now. Think back at just how long ago Columbine High had its infamous shootings. Yes, it’s really been almost 14 years and look at what happened with those two boys? They were all over the news and various media outlets for years. They even had movies made about them. Sure, they may be dead and cannot see what happened after the fact, but everyone else can. People know if you go to a school and kill enough people you’re going to get a slew of media attention and people will possibly talk about you for years to come. What better way to grab the attention of a nation and sometimes even the world.

I am not saying it is alright to do such things. Murder is murder and is never the answer. All I am saying is we should no longer be surprised when such things happen, especially here in the United Sates. We are a gun culture and we’ve been raised to believe that certain situations, certain problems can be dealt with using a gun. Disagree with me all you want and discuss gun control. Fact is if you made it harder for people to acquire and possess guns it’s very possible that fewer people may have died. I know, guns don’t kill people on their own, but having one sure makes it a lot easier to get the job done.

I sincerely hope those people that managed to live through this are able to move on with their lives. It’s a pity that they will have to live with such a memory.

Sandy Hook Elementary

Casey Anthony – Who are We to Judge?

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

Image via Wikipedia

Go ahead, get it out of your system and tell me I am a piece of trash who deserves to burn in hell for even thinking of defending Casey Anthony. Ok, all good now? Awesome, now shut the hell up and read this cause I am not so much defending her as I am attacking the media and our self-righteous ways so try to follow me here.

Cold, hard fact is that they found her not guilty of murder. Ok? It’s a done deal. She will not go to jail for that charge. Most people have asked how it’s possible for her to not be convicted of murder yet still be convicted of lying to the police. It’s really easy when you think about it. When you are scared and frightened and told you are going to go to jail for the rest of your life by the police who are treating you like you have already been tried and convicted of a crime, sometimes, you can’t think straight; details get screwed up and you get the story all wrong. Even though she may have had no intention of lying, things can get skewed after retelling the same story literally 10, 20, 30 times. It happens. Especially when you are being threatened… and no one come out and say that all police are good people who were only out for justice. Bullshit. They were out for blood, and like the many presumptuous and judgmental jackasses attacking her, they all think they know what happened when the fact is only she knows exactly what went down. Most people have never had to deal with a situation like that. Most people have no idea how hard it is to deal and think straight in that situation. You are being told you WILL go to jail for the rest of your life, unless you confess to what they want you to confess to. I don’t give a damn who you are, you will be stressed to a breaking point. Police intimidation is nothing new, so get over it.

Did she kill her daughter? We may never know the real story behind it all, but as far as the law is concerned, she didn’t do it. For all we know, maybe what she said was 100% true. I’ll give you an example of hypocrisy at work. We can all think back a few years ago and remember the Duke Lacrosse team. Please, do a quick Google search in case you were never up to speed on that story. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (tap tap tap) Ok, so a handful of young men were accused of raping a stripper at a party. There was more to it, but for the sake of getting through this faster, let’s stick with the most basic facts, the ones that stick out the most. So, this woman accuses these men of raping her and instantly, they are labeled sexual deviants and criminals, all before any charges were even filed simply because this woman went to the police and gave them a story. Those poor guys were blasted in the media and labeled as rapists. That is one of the worst things you can do to a young man in this day and age. Once he is accused of rape, regardless of what happens later on with the case, he will always be looked at as one. So, a while passes and after the police find holes in her story, the stripper recants her statement and it’s found out to be a complete lie. The case is supposedly settled and everything for those young men goes back to normal, right? Wrong.

Even though they were cleared of those charges, that story is now going to follow them around for the rest of their lives. With information and the way it gets around nowadays, it’s impossible to get away from such an accusation. On a personal level, I sincerely had my doubts about that stripper and thought those boys were telling the truth, but of course, there were the naysayers. Groups of people immediately labeled them and tried them in the court of public opinion when they never did a damn thing wrong except maybe have one too many beers. Now tell me…how the hell is that justice? Why must those boys be labeled as rapists the rest of their lives? It’s just not fair.

Back to Casey Anthony. As I said, there are only so many people who know exactly what happened when that little girl died. Anyone else who feels the need to judge her or label her a murderer is completely full of shit. As far as all you religious people throwing stones, go on back to that bible you all hold so much faith in and reread it. Last I heard, according to your book, there is only one judge. Bottom line, none of us have any room to blast her or to make her life a living hell cause when it all comes down to it, by next week, 99% of you will have forgotten about it all and moved onto something else. If she did have anything to do with the death of her child, she will have to live with that guilt the rest of her life.

We are no one to judge and there are far more pressing issues in the news that should be making us angry. Name some? Ok. How about the noninvolvement of the US concerning the situation in Sudan? Ten of thousands of women and children are being raped and butchered in that country, yet we sit here idly by. What are we saying about it? Not a god damned thing. Why are we not mad about that? We keep saying we wanna pull our troops out of the Middle East, maybe set them on a mission that is worth fighting for. Last time I checked, saving the lives of the innocent was a damn good cause. I’m not making light of Kaylee here at all. It’s a damn shame that little girl had to die and I’m sure any of us would love to see her alive again. I can think of something a little more grand though. I can see our troops taking out those murderous bastards who are slaughtering all those innocent people in Sudan. I can see them saving villages and dismantling groups of outlaws that roam those lands, bringing nothing but death and destruction in their wake. I see these news stories that are buried in the newspapers and think to myself I cannot be the only one seeing this, but it seems like it’s mostly true. You never see it on the news. You never see it on the front page of a major newspaper. No. Instead, you see people bilking billions of dollars from investors and getting 40 months in jail while a man who stole $100 dollars because he was hungry gets sent to prison for 15.

I see small snippets of the child sex trafficking that is invading our country and I feel awful that I have to dig for stories about it because no one feels it’s worth covering. I never see that on the news. Maybe one story if we are lucky. Maybe one newscast, and then you never hear about it again…but the Casey Anthony case? Nonstop coverage. I guess what I am trying to say is simply this.

America, what the fuck.

Stop watching a 2 minute story on an ongoing trial and assume you know for a fact that someone is guilty. Be smarter than that. If you truly believe in a cause, then research it. Study it. Find out the facts. Fact is that the case against Anthony was brittle at best, and they knew it. You know why they took it to trial? Because they were betting that the court of public opinion would sway the jury…but it didn’t. Those jurors did exactly what they were supposed to do. They listened only to the facts presented in the case and they left their opinions at the courthouse door.

You wanna blame someone? Blame the police for doing a terrible job while gathering evidence. Blame the district attorney for moving forward when they knew they had little chance of a true conviction. Vote them out of office if you are that enraged…and stop being so judgmental. As I already said, we are no one to judge. We are all guilty of something, yet we all want to get a free pass.


Confirmed: Obama was Born in the USA

Image by CNN.com

CNN.com has posted a copy of Obama‘s original birth certificate which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is in fact a natural born citizen. Now can the birthers please shut the hell up already…

Caroline Lufkin – “Murmurs”

It’s not often that you run into a musical artist with any sort of true talent as far as vocals, let alone writing. In today’s music industry, it can sometimes feel as if we are being spoon fed manufactured pop music which is no better for your soul than fast food is for your health. Through my various ventures in the world of music outside of the United States, I’ve happen upon a handful of truly terrific artists who definitely bring something to the table when it comes to real talent. One of my first discoveries was Olivia Lufkin. With her array of pop, rock, punk, electronica and, at times, borderline metal sounds, I figured her for one in a million. Little did I know that musical talent seems to flow through the blood of not only her, but most of her family. While checking out the latest Olivia news, I came across a lesser know artist which turned out to be her sister, Caroline.

While not nearly as successful as her famed sister, Caroline has slowly emerged as a force in the realm of eletronica and experimental sound. While she did recently release an album in January of this year, I’d like to focus on her first full length album. Murmurs, at a glance, doesn’t seem like much, as it’s cover art lacks the flash and glamor of many Japanese Pop artists. All you see is simply a girl laying about with a flower in her hair, and across the top of her record reads simply “Caroline.” Nothing flashy in the least by todays standards, but this is a classic case of you cannot judge a book by its cover…or in this case, an album. Once you pop in your disc, you are greeted by the warm and, at times, seemingly playful voice of Caroline as she spreads her appeal out for all to admire.

The standout track, which you are sure to find on Youtube, is “Bicycle,” a haunting yet angelic tune that finds it’s way into your heart and proceeds to take you on a journey. It’s softened trumpet opening caresses your ears right before Caroline’s angelic voice pulls you in and asks you to give her your attention. It’s slower paced and story-telling theme almost reminds you of something you may have experienced in your childhood; perhaps the first time a young girl discovers love and the effect it has on her soul. As the song progresses, you are lulled into a sort of trance that envelops your senses and just as you think you have developed a liking, perhaps even a love for the journey, it is indeed over. As soon as it concludes, oddly enough, you may find yourself looking for the back button on your player, the feelings of listening to it again overtaking you.

Another standout is “Drove Me to the Wall” which has faster pacing than that of “Bicycle,” but just as haunting. It’s soft musical accompaniment works well with Caroline’s light voice as she stretches her singing talents, pulling off a superb vocal performance.

“Everylittlething,” which is spelled correctly in this case, introduces a slightly heavier electronica sound. Still bringing the goods vocally, Caroline explores a more playful and somewhat less serious side to her music while still pulling you into her world. The track sounds as if it could evolve into a dance number if she’d decided to speed up the tempo. However, you will find yourself thanking Caroline for keeping it mellow as the song brings a comfort into your heart and lets you relax instead of beating your head against a wall as most dance music seems to do.

While far from mainstream, Caroline lets everyone know that she isn’t just another Pop Princess (she is known for turning down a major label recording contract simply because they wanted to make her “too pop”) as her music and voice are more than enough to make her a well respected artist in the industry. Filled with airy and wonderful vocals as well as soothing and sometimes fragile beats, Murmurs is a rare gem in this watered down, manufactured pop era.

News Items We are Sick of Hearing About

I do peruse various news articles and blogs from time to time and I’ve found that no matter how hard we try, many news outlets cannot help but report the same crap over and over and over again till we are so sick of it, we never wanna look to them for real news (Japanese Earthquake, Libyan Unrest, Etc) anymore. While I am sure many will see the irony in my speaking about these various bits of pointless, and often worthless news, I find it a necessary  evil to make the point.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Yes, we all know he struck her and yes, we all know he was given probation, fines, and also has to do a ton of community service hours. Lets not forget this incident was 2 years ago. I know some will argue that you reap what you sow and that’s all fine and dandy. However, I find the most of the people still badgering him over this tend to be religious nuts; the bible thumpers. Well as that wonderful book says, only God will judge people on judgement day. He is repaying his debt to society yet, so many people refuse to let him live it down. Sad thing is even Rihanna doesn’t talk about it anymore. I doubt she wants to constantly relive it. I can only imagine every time something like this happens, she just cringes and wishes it would just stop already.

Michael Vick and the dogs

Michael Vick in a locker room interview follow...

Michael Vick

Similar to Chris Brown, Michael Vick did abuse those dogs and has fully admitted that what he did was wrong. He has apologized on numerous occasions and took full responsibility. He went to jail for a significant amount of time and paid various fines. Even after his release from prison, he still expressed regret concerning the entire ordeal. Again…this was years ago. Years! I am sure Michael thinks about those dogs every day and doesn’t need us to remind him of his crimes. He is a different person now. He is back in the NFL doing what he does best and I am glad he has managed to get back to work and we all hope he can stay out of trouble. I still hear occasionally about people protesting when he arrives in a city and when he travels for appearances. Most of these people are animal lovers, PETA people. I, too, find his crimes horrid and i fully believe he deserved the jail time. I also believe in rehabilitation. His stint in prison let him know that regardless of how famous you are or how much money you have, one stupid action can take all of it away…and it did in his case. He lost his freedom, his job, his endorsement deals, etc. He is trying to rebuilt his life and his image. No one should have to live with the scarlet letter on their chest forever. We all deserve a second chance. As with Brown, we are no one to judge.

Justin Bieber

If there were ever a victim of overexposure, it’s this kid. Yea, I wish he would go somewhere and die too, but for all the wrong reasons. I am sure he is a decent guy and he just wants to further his career and entertain hordes of 12 year old fans. Sadly, that’s not how many of us view him. Lately the news about him has settled down to a dull roar and I am thinking he is probably happy about that. Also, the kid has made so much money I am sure he could give two craps  about anything any of us have to say about him. I can imagine him right now sitting in his lush apartment on the 33rd floor and saying to himself while thinking of his haters “Yes! Cry more, emo antifans. I feed on your tears!” If for a single moment, a harsh comment does get to him, I am sure he is drying his tears on his tissues made out of hundred dollar bills.

Charlie Sheen

Let us not forget good ol’ Carlos Estevez. This guy has taken the overexposing media circus that is todays news and gone pro with it. Sure, even I have made fun of him for his tiger blood thing and the “Winning!” slogan he has adopted. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this guy has some serious issues and needs serious help. Our constant news coverage hasn’t help his mania and even Dr. Drew has said publically that he sees Sheen heading for a massive meltdown and relapse into drug use. We are merely feeding his psychosis and the support from his so called fans which leads to his disturbing behavior leads me to believe that people really do want to see a guy actually commit suicide on television. With as much coverage as we get on Sheen, I may only be a matter of time till we have that…and of course the video will go viral.

Rebecca Black

Speaking of viral videos, this is exactly what happens when your average girl tries to do something she likes and the crowd turns on her. This is also how trolls have come to dominate the internet. They all know that they can say pretty much anything they want with little or no recourse. Of course, it’s not them or their kid online getting bullied and told they are awful and should go kill themselves. I look back to American Idol’s first season and remember the shock we all had when Simon would tell someone they were “absolutely dreadful” and we all thought “wow, he’s harsh.” Sadly, this behavior has given rise to many a Simon Cowell on the internet as we have all began to labor under the illusion that we are all anonymous on the internet. Well, we aren’t. A few months ago, the web was covered with articles about cyberbullying and it’s affects on today youth. As to be expected in this closed off internet age, for a short time it was big news, now it’s barely an afterthought as most people have not taken heed and gone right back to being who they used to be, as with the Sheen issue, we all secretly want to see a kid (Hopefully not this one) kill themselves on television or on Youtube. I am sure i will be attacked for being the one to say what we are all thinking, but it’s very true and not many out there can deny it.

George Carlin used to say that we all secretly want to see the world burn, and he was right. We all want to see people fall apart on television (Sheen) and we all want to judge people as we all secretly know that in a lot of cases we are no better than they are (Brown and Vick) regardless of their attempts to make things right. We all hate others who have more than we do and cannot make ourselves any better so we find no other option but to attack them (Bieber). We are all too scared to put ourselves out there, yet we are the first in line to demean and insult others for trying (Black), and some of us are the victims (Rihanna), and while we welcomed the support, sometimes we just want the issue to go away so we do not have to constantly relive it over and over again.

Pistol Grip Pump

With the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell our homosexual american friends can finally serve in the armed forces without having to keep their sexuality a secret. While I will agree that this is a step in the right direction, I don’t many people have thought about the potential backlash this may cause within our military. Do I think that homosexuals should have to keep their orientation secret? Of course not, but we all know that there are homophobic people already serving in the military and no one has really seemed to ask about their reaction. Will there be people who begin to disobey orders if it happens to involve a gay patriot? Who knows how this will affect combat operations with the wars we are currently involved in and I truly hope that those currently enrolled in the military will put aside any possible prejudice and simply accept their brothers and sisters who happen to live a different life style. I would like to think that when it comes down to it, any member of the military would proudly take a bullet to safe the life of a fellow soldier, regardless of any differences they may have in beliefs. If it were me, I surely wouldn’t care who was going into the battlefield with me as long as they knew what they were doing when things get crazy.