Writing a Dream

Recorded Butterflies Almost Here

I did a massive amount of work on the next book yesterday. My eyes finally began to fail me after editing and revising 162 pages. I found myself rereading certain parts 4 and 5 times which wasn’t bad, considering toward the end I started missing things so it was a good idea to stop. I am back at it today and I am hoping I will be done with all edits and revisions in no more than 2-3 days. At that point, it’s back to figuring out cover art.

I’ve also been exploring other means of advertising my work. Someone gave me the idea of making a small video using only sounds and words to draw additional attention to them so I am looking into that. To create such a video is rather easy. While it’s far from the best video creation software, Windows Movie Maker should work just fine, but I am also looking into other free software to use. I’ve also considered using my own voice as a mini narrative to accompany the images. I will be using only images that I’ve created and photographed and a few Public Domain images. I may also create some video. Thankfully, my trusty digital camera shoots video, both standard and widescreen at up to 720p so that should work out well. I think if i can pull it off, it will change the game a little for me so I have to make sure and do it just right. I’ve also discovered a man by the name of Kevin Mcleod. He creates royalty free music and some of his stuff is quite good. All that the asks is that you give him a mention which I would be more than happy to do so if I decide to use music, it will probably be from him.

The Facebook page is doing alright, considering I haven’t really pushed it all that much. For those interested, the link to it is here. Feel free to visit and “Like” it. I’d appreciate the it greatly.

To follow will be a short write up on a few points concerning my first work Rumbling Heart. Be sure to check out that post as well.

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