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New Year’s Free Promotion – All Releases

To celebrate the New Year, both myself and Ruby Jones are offering our titles for free for a short time starting December 31st!

Check out Ruby’s book We Are All Retarded on Amazon by clicking here! Keep in mind, Ruby’s book carries an audience recommendation of ADULTS ONLY.

You can pick up my short story Last Night by clicking here. This release is rated 13+ foradult content.

Also make sure to pick up Rumbling Heart which is the first in a series based in and around the Eureka, California universe. You can pick up this release by clicking here. This book is rated 14+ for adult language, adult situations and content, and scenes of dramatic peril.

Get’em fast! This free offer only lasts till January 2nd. Three free books available for three days! Go get’em now!

Retarded CoverLast Night CoverPoster

Three Chapters in One Day

I guess the meds are tapering off and my OCD is going insane because yesterday I edited for over 12 hours non stop. I guess it’s a good thing because I’m in the heart of the book right now and I am really having to pick at words and sentences. I’ve taken out another 2k words which is good and lost 2 more pages. I still have a way to go, but things are looking better already. I’m about 60% through all the work and then…I get to do it all over again when I proof it via the Kindle and Adobe Reader. I knew this first gutting would be hard so the next time around will me minor snips here and there. Seems I am pretty close to reaching my less than 200k word target and fewer than 475 pages. The next few chapters should be easy to shorten as I’m sure there is some fluff I can just cut right out. Enough of the blog for the day because it’s time to edit.

Rumbling Heart is Free on Smashwords

That’s right. The one that started it all is now free on Smashwords.com. The direct link to the book is right here.  I would greatly appreciate it if you were to download the book for free to please also let Amazon know that my book is going for $0.00 on Smashwords so that it could possibly be lowered to Zero on their site as well. My writing pal Melissa Foster just had massive success when she offered her book for free and since then, it has hit #1 on the Kindle book lists. It would be amazing to be able to do the same thing with my work.

You may be wondering how exactly to let Amazon know that the book is free elsewhere. Here’s what you do. Check out the book on Amazon here.  Scroll down to where is says Product Details and there, you will see a link that says “Tell us about a lower price.” Click it. Then, just fill out the data it asks for which is not much. There small window you will see will look like this.

The Link you would want to post there is this one:


And that’s it! Enjoy the book. I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to let everyone know and I look forward to seeing your reviews on Amazon. Thank you again for all the support.

First 4 Chapters Available for Free on Amazon

Amazon.com is currently offering the first 4 chapters of Rumbling Heart as a sample before you buy. If you decide that the book is worth purchasing, it can be done for a very reasonable $5.99 with free wireless delivery for Kindle users. If you do not have a Kindle, you can still purchase the book and read it on any computer using the free Kindle app from Amazon.

Barnes and Noble also offer a free sample for their Nook device. Their sample is smaller however, and only gives you a little less than 2 chapters. The online price is also $5.99 with them. They also offer free software to download to any computer so you can read the book.

Most popular eReaders can handle either format so owning a Nook or a Kindle is usually not required.

Thank you again for the support and I look forward to the feedback.