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No Suicide Note

Sometimes we are abruptly reminded that when a person suffers from a mental illness, at any given moment, that illness can rear it’s ugly head and take over better judgment. I am glad that a certain someone was able to pull back from the edge recently and is still with us now. People will never seem to fully grasp how their harsh words can affect people, especially those who can tumble down that long, dark hole in the blink of an eye. I don’t know who this person was that came after my friend and attacked her, calling her an outcast and making her feel like she should crawl back under a rock and stay there forever, but I do hope they think twice about the way the speak to people.

My friend was so distraught that they just started taking various medications without even thinking. All they knew was they didn’t want to be awake. This wasn’t something she planned. It just sort of happened. This is how quickly a monstrous depression can eat you.

I find it disheartening that people still treat us as outcasts from society. All my friend was doing was trying to be social when she was told these harsh things. Anyone that has ever sought treatment for depression, anxiety, or even something more severe like schizophrenia when paired with the other two, knows that one of the biggest things your therapists wants you to do it NOT lock yourself inside your home. They encourage us to go out and be among other people. Even if you don’t speak to anyone, they just want you to try and live. We are given a light push back out our front doors. Sadly, this evil person sees us as tainted, inferior, mentally retarded.

We do not ask to be treated any differently. We really don’t. Yes, I know some of us are quite fragile, but we have been taught methods of coping with everyday situations and given medication to help calm our nerves. However, when confronted with major confrontation, as any other person might, we sometimes panic.

I am glad my friend is still with me today. She is one of the very few people in this world that truly understands me. I know I understand her. I wish I could say it was me that stopped her from going to far, but it wasn’t. I am just glad when she was somewhat cognizant, she was able to reach out to me.

I just hope others who share the view of us as a bane of society seriously consider their actions. Imagine if it were your mother or brother, your wife  or your best friend dealing with this. I doubt you’d take lightly to someone pushing them to the edge of death.

Popular Search Terms #3

Here we are for the third installment. I didn’t have on yesterday because it was all the same stuff. Today is slightly different so we can go from there.

schizophrenia poetry

schizophrenic writing


ruby jones

Schizophrenia Poetry is new. Makes me think I need to put a few more sonnets up so people can read them and tell me I am crazy. Rudy is still a hot search topic. Make sure to pick up here work here. 

My favs 11

Popular Search Terms #2

This one isn’t nearly as exciting. Still kind of funny though.

schizophrenia people

ruby jones

schizophrenic writing


People are still talking about Ruby and her crazy book. You either love her or you hate her. You can check out her book on Amazon here. 

It’s nice that people are searching for the website name as well, but Schizo writing was kind of funny. I guess people are interested in what crazy people write about. Well, most of us are or seem pretty normal. Just because I hear some things in my head doesn’t mean I am a complete nut. Who knows? Maybe I am.


Schizophrenia (Photo credit: Alaina Abplanalp Photography)