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Casey Anthony – Who are We to Judge?

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Go ahead, get it out of your system and tell me I am a piece of trash who deserves to burn in hell for even thinking of defending Casey Anthony. Ok, all good now? Awesome, now shut the hell up and read this cause I am not so much defending her as I am attacking the media and our self-righteous ways so try to follow me here.

Cold, hard fact is that they found her not guilty of murder. Ok? It’s a done deal. She will not go to jail for that charge. Most people have asked how it’s possible for her to not be convicted of murder yet still be convicted of lying to the police. It’s really easy when you think about it. When you are scared and frightened and told you are going to go to jail for the rest of your life by the police who are treating you like you have already been tried and convicted of a crime, sometimes, you can’t think straight; details get screwed up and you get the story all wrong. Even though she may have had no intention of lying, things can get skewed after retelling the same story literally 10, 20, 30 times. It happens. Especially when you are being threatened… and no one come out and say that all police are good people who were only out for justice. Bullshit. They were out for blood, and like the many presumptuous and judgmental jackasses attacking her, they all think they know what happened when the fact is only she knows exactly what went down. Most people have never had to deal with a situation like that. Most people have no idea how hard it is to deal and think straight in that situation. You are being told you WILL go to jail for the rest of your life, unless you confess to what they want you to confess to. I don’t give a damn who you are, you will be stressed to a breaking point. Police intimidation is nothing new, so get over it.

Did she kill her daughter? We may never know the real story behind it all, but as far as the law is concerned, she didn’t do it. For all we know, maybe what she said was 100% true. I’ll give you an example of hypocrisy at work. We can all think back a few years ago and remember the Duke Lacrosse team. Please, do a quick Google search in case you were never up to speed on that story. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (tap tap tap) Ok, so a handful of young men were accused of raping a stripper at a party. There was more to it, but for the sake of getting through this faster, let’s stick with the most basic facts, the ones that stick out the most. So, this woman accuses these men of raping her and instantly, they are labeled sexual deviants and criminals, all before any charges were even filed simply because this woman went to the police and gave them a story. Those poor guys were blasted in the media and labeled as rapists. That is one of the worst things you can do to a young man in this day and age. Once he is accused of rape, regardless of what happens later on with the case, he will always be looked at as one. So, a while passes and after the police find holes in her story, the stripper recants her statement and it’s found out to be a complete lie. The case is supposedly settled and everything for those young men goes back to normal, right? Wrong.

Even though they were cleared of those charges, that story is now going to follow them around for the rest of their lives. With information and the way it gets around nowadays, it’s impossible to get away from such an accusation. On a personal level, I sincerely had my doubts about that stripper and thought those boys were telling the truth, but of course, there were the naysayers. Groups of people immediately labeled them and tried them in the court of public opinion when they never did a damn thing wrong except maybe have one too many beers. Now tell me…how the hell is that justice? Why must those boys be labeled as rapists the rest of their lives? It’s just not fair.

Back to Casey Anthony. As I said, there are only so many people who know exactly what happened when that little girl died. Anyone else who feels the need to judge her or label her a murderer is completely full of shit. As far as all you religious people throwing stones, go on back to that bible you all hold so much faith in and reread it. Last I heard, according to your book, there is only one judge. Bottom line, none of us have any room to blast her or to make her life a living hell cause when it all comes down to it, by next week, 99% of you will have forgotten about it all and moved onto something else. If she did have anything to do with the death of her child, she will have to live with that guilt the rest of her life.

We are no one to judge and there are far more pressing issues in the news that should be making us angry. Name some? Ok. How about the noninvolvement of the US concerning the situation in Sudan? Ten of thousands of women and children are being raped and butchered in that country, yet we sit here idly by. What are we saying about it? Not a god damned thing. Why are we not mad about that? We keep saying we wanna pull our troops out of the Middle East, maybe set them on a mission that is worth fighting for. Last time I checked, saving the lives of the innocent was a damn good cause. I’m not making light of Kaylee here at all. It’s a damn shame that little girl had to die and I’m sure any of us would love to see her alive again. I can think of something a little more grand though. I can see our troops taking out those murderous bastards who are slaughtering all those innocent people in Sudan. I can see them saving villages and dismantling groups of outlaws that roam those lands, bringing nothing but death and destruction in their wake. I see these news stories that are buried in the newspapers and think to myself I cannot be the only one seeing this, but it seems like it’s mostly true. You never see it on the news. You never see it on the front page of a major newspaper. No. Instead, you see people bilking billions of dollars from investors and getting 40 months in jail while a man who stole $100 dollars because he was hungry gets sent to prison for 15.

I see small snippets of the child sex trafficking that is invading our country and I feel awful that I have to dig for stories about it because no one feels it’s worth covering. I never see that on the news. Maybe one story if we are lucky. Maybe one newscast, and then you never hear about it again…but the Casey Anthony case? Nonstop coverage. I guess what I am trying to say is simply this.

America, what the fuck.

Stop watching a 2 minute story on an ongoing trial and assume you know for a fact that someone is guilty. Be smarter than that. If you truly believe in a cause, then research it. Study it. Find out the facts. Fact is that the case against Anthony was brittle at best, and they knew it. You know why they took it to trial? Because they were betting that the court of public opinion would sway the jury…but it didn’t. Those jurors did exactly what they were supposed to do. They listened only to the facts presented in the case and they left their opinions at the courthouse door.

You wanna blame someone? Blame the police for doing a terrible job while gathering evidence. Blame the district attorney for moving forward when they knew they had little chance of a true conviction. Vote them out of office if you are that enraged…and stop being so judgmental. As I already said, we are no one to judge. We are all guilty of something, yet we all want to get a free pass.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d;

Alexander Pope

Book Update: 9 Chapters in the eBook Master Document

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I have my good days, and then i have my…not so good days. Today, I am making myself work on the master document as much as possible. While I have only 5 chapters in in, I have 4 others that had gone through their second revision and are getting added today. I want to get through at least 10 and 11, as far a revisions. If i am plugged in, I am going through 13 also. I want the master document completed by no later than the end of April which will be a small challenge since the end of the semester is quick approaching. I don’t have much work for school which is surprising. I have maybe 3 papers left to write and thats it. I have one more group activity for Speech and then thats over. As far as math, I know enough to pass and move on so I am glad to be done with it.

Back to the master document…

Once they have all through their second revision and are added, I will go through them once again, checking for essentially the same things. Grammar, continuity, lack of details, etc.

I want to have this out and available no later than mid May. I am currently researching various avenues for self publishing on the web. Most eReaders will be able to handle the PDF format I am going with and I am currently figuring out how to make it available on Amazon as well. I’ve spent so much time on this that I would be happy to sell 1000 copies. If i sell more, then that’d be awesome. Enough of the jibba jabba…back to work.


Given to Fly

So I am this 33 year old man…and old man, and I am flying for the first time in my life. I am not really nervous about it, although it seems like i should be. Maybe I should be.

I am going to a city I have never been to, and being picked up by a person I have never met in real life. I am not really nervous about it, although it seems I should be. Maybe I should be.

I will be away from home for about 7 days. The flight there and back totals about 12 hours in the air. I hear about people getting airsick, but i understand it’s a lot like being seasick. I have been on boats before and never once felt nauseous. I am not really nervous about it, although it seems like I should be. Maybe I should be.

Drinking a Powerade i do not really want, and looking at my George Carlin book and typing on this machine is a little boring, but I keep getting emails and texts and messages asking me where I am going. People are being a little odd about it, as if I shouldn’t be going, but who are they to pass that judgment. It’s my decision on if i want to go or not. I am not the one who put the money out there so this runs in the realm of nothing to lose. I am not really nervous about it, although it seems I should be. Maybe I should be.


They are in. Happy to report a 4.0 GPA. I know it’s just one semester, but it was a goal for me…to prove to myself that I could return to school after all these years and still blow things out of the water. There were a lot of people hating on me and trying their hardest to discourage me, but I blew them all off and I am glad I did. Next semester will be slightly more challenging, but there is not reason why I shouldn’t continue with my 4.0 until at least 4th semester. With the knowledge I am should acquire before then, I am sure I will ace those classes as well. If I don’t I am not gonna freak over it. All I want is to make sure I am giving it my all and the rest will fall into place. I knew I was going to ace my English and Intro to Comps finals, but I was worried about C++. I am happy to report I got a 95 on that one and when combined with my 97 average in that class, I was able to squeeze out the high A. Things are definitely different than how they were only a year ago. The future can only get brighter and next year I will assign myself some new goals to not only continue doing well in school, but also to breakout and be my own person again. With confidence running high, there is no telling how good things can get.

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