Writing a Dream

Writing Team

It’s amazing what you can do when you team up with a handful of really great people. It can get very tough when you are going at this alone, but when you have a couple of other people willing to work with you for nothing, only the hope that you will eventually succeed, sometimes that can make all the difference in the world. That being said, he is the small, but excellent team we’ve managed to put together. Who knows! This team may grow in size!

Richard Allen – Of course you know me since this is my blog. Most of you all are family with my work and what I do. I write, edit, and push my work as best I can on my own and now with the help of others. You can find the link to my Facebook author page here.

Ruby M Jones – She is by far the wild one of the bunch. She is a comedy writer and if you aren’t careful, she’ll say something that will either shock you or make you roll on the floor laughing…or both. Her forth coming book is called We Are All Retarded and it’s very much a counterculture look at America and how we view the way our country is being run. It’s quite funny, but at the same time it really makes you think about why certain things are they way they are. She is pretty new to Social Media so feel free to follow her over on Twitter @Ruby_M_Jones, her blog is located here, and the link to her new Facebook fan page is here.

Emily S Carmichael – Emily is someone I actually met several years ago in Austin while still living there. She is pretty reserved, but very smart when it comes to business and is one of those people that will read a contract word for word before signing it. She is excellent when it comes to money which is why we’ve given her the title of “Producer.” Even though there really isn’t much money to go around at the moment, once money does start flowing in, Emily will be the one to help us decide the best way to divvy it up as far as reinvesting it into other projects and paying ourselves. As a sign of good faith, she’s already made the promise to us that if she does ask for any sort of monetary compensation for her services, it will be minimal; perhaps around 4-7% depending on the workload which seems quite far to both Ruby and I. One other thing that Rub and I have decided to already do was to give Emily credit on our works since she’s already taking unpaid time for us to advise and direct us on how to best market our work. When you see some of our work, don’t be surprised if you see Emily’s name here and there. While she didn’t care one way or another, we decided to also make her a Facebook fanpage as well and you can check that out here. You can also follow Emily on Twitter, although she may not use that all that often either @Executive_Emily

Well, that’s the gang so far. Thank you all for the continued support and be sure to jump over to the facebook pages and give us some “likes!”


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