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Question and Comments on Rumbling Heart – Part 1

I’ve had a few comments and questions regarding my most current release Rumbling Heart. Although I was asked about being interviewed sometime in the next week or so, I will address a few comments here and now. The questions or comments in some cases may not be verbatim, but the general idea is kept in tact.


“Your book is really long, almost an epic.”

I wasn’t really going for any specific length. I wanted it to be a good size work and I knew I had to lay a good amount of pretext and background story as well. I wanted to give a great amount of detail while not letting the story get too boring so while there is a great amount of material there, I hope I was able to keep the story interesting by keeping it on the move and rarely letting characters just sit around while they watch paint dry. I wrote the book with the idea that I could let it be a stand alone , but I also wanted to give myself some room to continue the story if I chose to. Obviously, I am choosing to write more on these characters so the works following this one will not be nearly as long as most of the groundwork has already been set. 

“Your book is $2.99 while some authors have chosen to make their books even less expensive.”

Oddly enough, this was not really my idea. When I’d finally tested the waters on pricing, I was considering making the book very inexpensive, but then I found that because of the size, Amazon wouldn’t allow me to make the book any less expensive because of the costs associate with its delivery. I actually reformatted the original release to make it slightly smaller and reloaded it to Amazon, but they still did not allow me to lower the price which is why it’s still currently $2.99. Regardless of the price, I would like to think that $3 is not a huge amount to ask for my work considering its size and I also feel that the overall quality is relatively good when compared to other independent authors. If in the future I am allowed to lower the price on RH, I will seriously consider it. BN.com doesn’t put such constraints on pricing, but for the sake of continuity, I left that pricing the same to match Amazon. I am considering a BN only sale where I price the book even lower, but I am trying not to isolate my fans who use a Kindle

“Do you think your book is being looked at in an unfavorable light considering the article you wrote about Casey Anthony?”

In some circles, maybe. I’ve made it well known that I don’t always say things that are popular among certain crowds, but the book has absolutely nothing to do with Casey Anthony. It was thought of and written well before the verdict made the news. I think less than a few pages in, people will see that it has no connection whatsoever. I occasionally write up articles on current events. They are separate from my novels. I doubt I will ever write a book on a topic such as Casey Anthony as that’s not really my style. I can write up a few pages about it, but after that, I tend to get bored with it. I thought the article I wrote was good, but it’s far from perfect. I’m not saying that my views are the be all, end all of the way people should look at it. I was just trying to make the point that we all have our own opinions on it. Another was that we need to do our own research and then perhaps come to a decision on how we feel about it. There was irony in the article to a certain extent, but people didn’t seem to understand that. 

“What about the death threats?” (followup to previous question)

I’m not worried about it. I seriously doubt that anyone would try to hurt me. If they did, they would just be tarnishing their own cause. There is nothing wrong with feeling passionate about a cause. I’ve felt that way about things that I’ve seen and heard of, but never to the point where I considered killing someone. That just seems completely unreasonable to me. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m not violent by nature. I would rather hug someone than strike them. As with many things in life, we should simply agree to disagree. I don’t dislike anyone for having a different opinion than I do. Kind of like people getting at me for saying things that they think are mean and rude. You may think it’s ride, but I don’t. We just see it that way. I’m not trying to tell you that you should be like me, yet people still feel the need to tell me that I am falling out of the social norms by saying certain things. At the same time, I have others telling me that if I am pissing people off with my words then I am doing something right. I don’t say mean things to get a response from people, but some are going to think that way regardless. People have said means things to me and I am ok with that. I think one difference could be that at least I feel I know who I am. I know I’m not easy to get along with and I know that bowing out of a friendship or relationship would be better for certain people in my life. Up till now I’ve made it well known that I know I am at least a little crazy. At least I admit that. I think it’s also good that I at least admit that I come across as an ass sometimes when compared to other people’s ideas on social standards. If I am an ass, so be it. I am what I am. People either tend to love me or hate me. If you choose to threaten my life or to severe ties with me if I do not change, then just save yourself the breath and do it. If someone chooses to separate themselves from me, there isn’t much I can do about it, now is there. 

“4 a guywho writes bad poetry and blogs out of boredom, U sound terribly interesting.” (Via twitter)

I don’t think I am all that interesting. I’m just a guy who says things that cause a stir. I don’t wake up in the morning and think to myself about what I should do to piss people off. As far as poetry goes, I know I’m not great, but I like to play around with the format. Some people have told me that my poetry is quite good, but I am my own worst critic. I am the same way with my novels. I suppose I owe my small, poetic accomplishments to a handful of poets…people such as John Keats, Billy Collins, and Emily Dickinson. I also looked at a work by Stevie Smith call “Not Waving, but Drowning.” In it, she alludes to suicide and speaks about what one person sees, another might not and so on. As far as blogging, I really do get rather bored at times so I type up articles on various topics. Some are good, some are not so good. 

“Are any of your characters based on real life people?”

I wouldn’t say they are based wholly on a single person. When I was coming up with the characters, it was very much on the fly. I simply thought to myself what would someone in this situation do in regards to a certain circumstance? I wanted the characters to have a very human side to them. I didn’t want these characters to be perfect or come across as “Holier than thou” or anything like that. I wanted them to be people you could possibly know. In a way, they are all small extensions of me. John is obviously quite calm in a lot of cases unless things go absolutely haywire in which case a disturbed reaction is understandable. If he stayed perfectly calm during say a nuclear attack, that would seem a little odd. Emily is quite different from John. She tends to be a little more off the cuff and direct while John tries to be a little more diplomatic. She has a mouth on her, but not to the point where you question her intellect. Chris is kind of like how I see most twenty-somethings in this world. They are looking to dig in their heels and get their life started, but it doesn’t always work out. They lack the wisdom that someone even a 5-10 years older than them has. Trevor is somewhat similar to Chris in that he is also in his twenties, goes to college, and thinks he knows exactly what he wants. Like Chris, he also is often blindsided by things that he doesn’t see coming, but not because he keeps his eyes closed to them. He just never thinks certain great things could ever happen to him and when they do, he loses his cool because he doesn’t know what the next steps are. He’s never been through them so he is flying blind in a sense. 

Look for part 2 to the questions and comments on RH.

To Murder a Child…

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about the article I did on Casey Anthony and I must say, most people have made some very good points.

The original article can be found here.

So that I do not have to keep constantly making this clarification, I’ll say it here for all to read. The article was intended to encourage debate regarding the media and the way we view it and absorb it’s contents. It was never meant to condemn or condone the actions of Ms. Anthony so please do not assume that was it’s intent. That being said, I welcome any and all comments related to the article with open arms. As a few others have said and as I stated in the article, we may never really know what happened to Caylee. It’s quite possible that Casey did have, at the very least, a small role in her demise.

While I am, as I said, open to criticism and debate, the death threats…yeah. Not cool. If you thumb through the notes, it was suggested by a reader that I have a child only so that it could be murdered so I could know what it felt like to lose a child. Not only was the comment very assuming, but it actually condoned the murder of yet another innocent kid. I must say, quite frankly, that’s no way to further your cause. If you disagree with my article, I am fine with that. Debate is good. Suggesting that children should be murdered just to prove a point…well, that’s just sick.


Be sure to check out this petition to enact what will be known as “Caylee’s Law.”

Cool Cat keeps his cool about the Casey Anthony verdict

Casey Anthony – Who are We to Judge?

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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Go ahead, get it out of your system and tell me I am a piece of trash who deserves to burn in hell for even thinking of defending Casey Anthony. Ok, all good now? Awesome, now shut the hell up and read this cause I am not so much defending her as I am attacking the media and our self-righteous ways so try to follow me here.

Cold, hard fact is that they found her not guilty of murder. Ok? It’s a done deal. She will not go to jail for that charge. Most people have asked how it’s possible for her to not be convicted of murder yet still be convicted of lying to the police. It’s really easy when you think about it. When you are scared and frightened and told you are going to go to jail for the rest of your life by the police who are treating you like you have already been tried and convicted of a crime, sometimes, you can’t think straight; details get screwed up and you get the story all wrong. Even though she may have had no intention of lying, things can get skewed after retelling the same story literally 10, 20, 30 times. It happens. Especially when you are being threatened… and no one come out and say that all police are good people who were only out for justice. Bullshit. They were out for blood, and like the many presumptuous and judgmental jackasses attacking her, they all think they know what happened when the fact is only she knows exactly what went down. Most people have never had to deal with a situation like that. Most people have no idea how hard it is to deal and think straight in that situation. You are being told you WILL go to jail for the rest of your life, unless you confess to what they want you to confess to. I don’t give a damn who you are, you will be stressed to a breaking point. Police intimidation is nothing new, so get over it.

Did she kill her daughter? We may never know the real story behind it all, but as far as the law is concerned, she didn’t do it. For all we know, maybe what she said was 100% true. I’ll give you an example of hypocrisy at work. We can all think back a few years ago and remember the Duke Lacrosse team. Please, do a quick Google search in case you were never up to speed on that story. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (tap tap tap) Ok, so a handful of young men were accused of raping a stripper at a party. There was more to it, but for the sake of getting through this faster, let’s stick with the most basic facts, the ones that stick out the most. So, this woman accuses these men of raping her and instantly, they are labeled sexual deviants and criminals, all before any charges were even filed simply because this woman went to the police and gave them a story. Those poor guys were blasted in the media and labeled as rapists. That is one of the worst things you can do to a young man in this day and age. Once he is accused of rape, regardless of what happens later on with the case, he will always be looked at as one. So, a while passes and after the police find holes in her story, the stripper recants her statement and it’s found out to be a complete lie. The case is supposedly settled and everything for those young men goes back to normal, right? Wrong.

Even though they were cleared of those charges, that story is now going to follow them around for the rest of their lives. With information and the way it gets around nowadays, it’s impossible to get away from such an accusation. On a personal level, I sincerely had my doubts about that stripper and thought those boys were telling the truth, but of course, there were the naysayers. Groups of people immediately labeled them and tried them in the court of public opinion when they never did a damn thing wrong except maybe have one too many beers. Now tell me…how the hell is that justice? Why must those boys be labeled as rapists the rest of their lives? It’s just not fair.

Back to Casey Anthony. As I said, there are only so many people who know exactly what happened when that little girl died. Anyone else who feels the need to judge her or label her a murderer is completely full of shit. As far as all you religious people throwing stones, go on back to that bible you all hold so much faith in and reread it. Last I heard, according to your book, there is only one judge. Bottom line, none of us have any room to blast her or to make her life a living hell cause when it all comes down to it, by next week, 99% of you will have forgotten about it all and moved onto something else. If she did have anything to do with the death of her child, she will have to live with that guilt the rest of her life.

We are no one to judge and there are far more pressing issues in the news that should be making us angry. Name some? Ok. How about the noninvolvement of the US concerning the situation in Sudan? Ten of thousands of women and children are being raped and butchered in that country, yet we sit here idly by. What are we saying about it? Not a god damned thing. Why are we not mad about that? We keep saying we wanna pull our troops out of the Middle East, maybe set them on a mission that is worth fighting for. Last time I checked, saving the lives of the innocent was a damn good cause. I’m not making light of Kaylee here at all. It’s a damn shame that little girl had to die and I’m sure any of us would love to see her alive again. I can think of something a little more grand though. I can see our troops taking out those murderous bastards who are slaughtering all those innocent people in Sudan. I can see them saving villages and dismantling groups of outlaws that roam those lands, bringing nothing but death and destruction in their wake. I see these news stories that are buried in the newspapers and think to myself I cannot be the only one seeing this, but it seems like it’s mostly true. You never see it on the news. You never see it on the front page of a major newspaper. No. Instead, you see people bilking billions of dollars from investors and getting 40 months in jail while a man who stole $100 dollars because he was hungry gets sent to prison for 15.

I see small snippets of the child sex trafficking that is invading our country and I feel awful that I have to dig for stories about it because no one feels it’s worth covering. I never see that on the news. Maybe one story if we are lucky. Maybe one newscast, and then you never hear about it again…but the Casey Anthony case? Nonstop coverage. I guess what I am trying to say is simply this.

America, what the fuck.

Stop watching a 2 minute story on an ongoing trial and assume you know for a fact that someone is guilty. Be smarter than that. If you truly believe in a cause, then research it. Study it. Find out the facts. Fact is that the case against Anthony was brittle at best, and they knew it. You know why they took it to trial? Because they were betting that the court of public opinion would sway the jury…but it didn’t. Those jurors did exactly what they were supposed to do. They listened only to the facts presented in the case and they left their opinions at the courthouse door.

You wanna blame someone? Blame the police for doing a terrible job while gathering evidence. Blame the district attorney for moving forward when they knew they had little chance of a true conviction. Vote them out of office if you are that enraged…and stop being so judgmental. As I already said, we are no one to judge. We are all guilty of something, yet we all want to get a free pass.