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No Breaks

My attempt at forcing a break from writing is not working. I wanted to give myself a good month from it so I can prepare to head back to Austin and just so I can unplug, but it’s not working. I cannot stop thinking about the final RH book. I know it won’t stop bothering me until I just up and write the darn thing so I might as well do it in between the times where I am looking for apartments and permanent work. Unfortunately, writing isn’t paying me much. That being said, I did get a royalty check the other day which was nice.

The name of the last book? Not saying, at least not now. I am just going to work on it and get it outlined and first drafted. I don’t want it to exceed 450 pages, but we’ll have to see how it goes. This will be the first time I’ve written where I am looking to keep pages to a minimum. I want over 375, but less than 450. We’ll see how it all goes.


Emily Martin – 2nd Draft Done

Got through the 2nd draft really quickly. Was happy to see that I only had to cut a few sentences here and there and of course fix grammatical errors. I added a couple of small story parts, but that was expected. Maybe 2 things about the overall story don’t flow well so I am working on those, hoping to get them done ASAP. I’ve actually already gotten about 4k words into the work that is expected to come after EM which will be my last, at least in the foreseeable future. At this point, I just want to get this series done because it was all I ever really planned to write anyway. A few short stories aside, I don’t really plan to write anything else, but of course; things can change. With my impending move back to Austin, I will be tied up taking care of those things and trying to get a good start back there. All I want is to have a job where I won’t eventually kill myself and that pays me well enough to where all my bills are paid. I want my own place where I can just rest and not have to worry about roommates or anything of that sort. I will continue to push the books, but I also have to accept that they aren’t very good. They were mostly just something I felt I wanted to do before I died so at least when it’s all over, I can say I left something behind.

All that being said, I am going to get back to work on EM so I can get it finished up and ready for publication.

EM Cover Art

Moving On

I spoke to my brother the other day. He lives in South Austin and works for a company called Mel’s Meals that has two locations. He is one of the big bosses for the company, answering only to the owner herself, but even then, it seems their partnership is more even than she is the owner and he is merely a subordinate. They operate and talk to each other as a team which is always nice. He seems to really like working for this company.

Many years ago after I got settled in Austin, I worked for a large hotel chain and helped my brother find a job in Austin so he ended up going out there as well. He liked it and made decent money. It seems now the tables are turned as he is looking to help me get back into the game and back out to Austin. While ATX is not exactly my first choice when it comes to places to live, it’s not Corpus Christi. I don’t want anything to do with CC anymore. I haven’t for several years. Austin it seems isn’t all the great anymore either. While I was there, I was constantly reminded of the ghost that is my failed marriage. I drove around town quite a bit and everywhere I looked, I found something else. reminded me of things I’d rather forget. Still, I know I cannot stay in CC any longer and need to get out of here.

My brother has told me that he will look into securing work for me in Austin, namely Round Rock, TX which is north of the city. They are looking into possible expansion and he’s mentioned that he would be willing to stick his neck out there for me so i can try to get back to a normal life. While working in a place that sells food isn’t exactly my idea of the type of work I’d like to do, I can no longer be choosy. Thankfully, it’s not a restaurant. It’s more like a pick up station if anything. People place their orders via phone or internet, they choose either delivery or pick up and all I would do is scan food out and collect money if needed. I’ve seen one of the locations and its very laid back, clean, and professional. It also appeals to the hipster community because of the type of food they serve. While not completely health food, they do appeal to those that are conscience of their weight and appearance. This was never really my scene, but then again, I have been without a “scene” for some time now. I’ve already settle in my mind that leaving CC and going to Austin is the right thing to do. When everything is settled, it will give me a chance to be independent again which is what I need to do at this point. I won’t be living the high life or making a ton of money, but I will be living and not just sitting in a room all day. I’m not exactly which I prefer, but I can’t say i prefer one of over the other without at least trying the alternative.

That being said, it looks like I will be in Austin by October and hopefully be getting back into the real world.