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Lose You

I am considering writing an alternate ending to my book. I know, somethings shouldn’t be redone or rewritten which is why I am still sticking to my original ending…but as with a lot of things in this world, sometimes you just have to wonder how different things would be if you would have ended up taking one road over another instead of your chosen path. Sometimes you can’t help but think what more could you have done to change a particular outcome. This line of thinking is irrational, I agree…however as i previously mentioned, sometimes you can’t help but wonder.

In this alternate ending, something remarkably dramatic will happen and it will change the way the book is perceived as a whole which is why it will probably be written, but never used. I can’t imagine doing this in a book that’s had as many ups and downs as this one has had. If i were to end the book in this alternate way, it would leave the reader with a sense of loss and despair so to use it would be ignoring the point of why I wrote the story to begin with. If this writing is successful, would I ever release the alternate ending? I’m not sure. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I don’t want to sully the legacy of the characters and putting the alternate ending out there may raise questions. You may then be asking “why even write it if you have no intention of ever using it?” Again, as I said before, sometimes you just can’t help but wonder what life would have been like had one simple decision been different. If you had chosen to not go to a gathering or if you had chosen not to go out with the person who is now your spouse or the co-parent of your children. One simple decision can change the course of your entire life. In extreme cases, it can literally mean the difference between someone living and dying. Will someone else die in my alternate ending? I guess I will just have to wait and see where my “pen” takes me.

Chapter 21

Wow. It’s done. Revisions will of course be made, but I got it all out on paper. I changed my original idea and I think it was for the better. I am much happier with the way this newer idea turned out as when I explored the old one, it seemed a little too sappy and there is already enough raw emotion in this book that I felt the old idea was simply overkill. With its completion, I am ready to immediately get started on Chapter 22. This one has the two main characters spending a significant amount of time together after being apart for almost a month. She has a ton to explain to him and he is very much ready to hear it. 22 will have a ton of dialog mostly from the vast amount of explaining that she will give him. I already know how 22 will end as well so this one should go by relatively fast.

Chapter 15

Will need a lot of revising. I had a hard time focusing on this chapter because of the scattered feelings that the character feels. I was able to focus  little toward the end, but the for a bout 3-4 pages things felt muggy and shadowed. Thankfully I was able to get through it. A lot of secrets were revealed in 15 so it’s very dialog heavy. Also my protagonist and a supporting character got much closer. I may need to go back and scale it down a bit as it may, to some readers, put to much of a story shift and cause people to think about what may be really happening here. There was also the introduction of another supporting character who on the surface is an extremely greedy person, however as the story unfolds they develop into a truly great friend to one of the characters. Chapter 16 will see a small style shift and within this part of the book, the holiday season will be played out. It should make for good drama for those who love a good juicy story.