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Problems with Clear Wireless

So, I was speaking to clear about my poor internet speeds since last Thursday. Here is a snapshot of my conversation with them.

Clear Conversation


Yeah, it was pretty funny. I originally posted this to my Facebook account. Here is a copy of one of my responses when some people started asking questions.

I am actually doing more research into the matter. Wired cable is treated similar to a telephone: it’s considered a utility. If I can argue and prove that their service is unusable during extended periods of time, I can corner them into giving me a month for free and they can’t fight it. In a sense, they would be obligated to waive the monthly service. Many people don’t know, but if your home telephone goes out for more than 4 hours in a day, you are entitled to one day free service. If it goes out for more than a day, you are entitled to a month of free service. This is how it was when I worked for AT&T and Time Warner. It’s not something the utility companies talk about, but it’s regulated by the FCC. Since wireless is also regulated by the FCC, I want to see exactly how they define wireless internet. If it’s deemed a utility, then I have that argument. They can try to deny me the credit, but then I can complain to the FCC directly and they would then be forced to give me the credit. I tear apart Terms and Conditions all the time when I buy things. I did the same thing with Cricket Wireless. They refused to refund me my rate plan cost because they tried to tell me it was considered an “Activation Fee.” I went into their T&C and found that it did not consider a “Rate Plan” an “Activation Fee.” I argued my case and won and my monthly service was refunded to me. My years in wireless really helped me in so many ways.

I did do a little more research, but in the end I was just sick of Clear and sick of paying $50 a month for something that hadn’t worked as advertised for 8 straight days. Here is something I was originally going to post to Facebook, but decided just to add to this blog post.

UPDATE! – So, I called Clear today to cancel. I had been using the internet service from them again this morning and was still getting massive slowdowns. I call them and I tell them I want to cancel. I was expecting them to try and do a save which is when they offer you usually some sort of credit or discount to try and keep you from canceling your service with them. We did that when I worked for AT&T Wireless so I figured they’d do it as well. They did give me a great offer though. They knocked 40% off my service price, no contract. I said sure, go ahead and apply the save promo, but if my speeds aren’t any better in the next couple of days I will just end up canceling anyway. Well, I had mentioned in a previous post that I knew they were purposely slowing me down via a bandwidth management system they use. Guess what…no more than 5 minutes after I ended my call with Clear, my pre-issue speeds are back to their previous levels. (Feigning shock) Now, even during peak times, my speeds are quite fast and I am paying far less for the same service. Lesson? COMPLAIN! I figured the worst that could happen was they offered nothing and I would just rid myself of them, but now it looks like I am on an unofficial “Do not throttle” list, at least for a little while.

Here is a copy of an email I got from Clear along with the “Save” promo they added. (I blotted out personal info)



You’ll notice the name of the promo is Loyalty Stay Connected 6mos. I am thinking perhaps since I had been with them over 6 months that this promo might only be good for people that have been with them for a certain period of time. In other words, if you’ve been with them for only 6 or 7 weeks you may not be offered this. They also said that this promo was good for 6 months so it might also mean that. Still, most places that offer internet and cell phone service generally give better save offers if you’ve been with them for a good while.

Well, this is how it went with me and Clear. If something changes, I will give an update. For now, I am enjoying my faster speeds again and hope they stay that way.

Good Night and Good Luck

I’m leaving Facebook and Twitter for the foreseeable future. I will not delete either account, but I will not be responding to messages or tweets. Over the course of the last several months I have found it increasingly difficult to deal with all the distractions and detriments that social media has brought onto me. I know it is my choice whether to participate in social media or not which is why I am making the choice to step back from it for the time being. I will not post personal updates on Facebook and I will not respond to messages or comments on any posts. I will not post tweets or respond to tweets directed toward me.

I have found it is best for me to ignore all of the negativity that swirls in and around social media. This also goes for any and all conversations I may see in things that I participate in such as online conversations via Facebook, Yahoo, CNN, or any other comment generating media such as chat rooms and even online games. While I may still visit such venues from time to time to keep up with the progression of the world, I will not engage in any sort of contact with any other person through these mediums. If my feelings on this worsen, I will cease visiting news outlets as they too are a generator of negativity and in today’s internet culture, only seem to serve the “Internet Troll” and not the ordinary citizen.

The few exceptions in this will be the posting of updates pertinent to my chosen profession(s) as an author / editor / ghost writer / content reviewer. Any photos posted on either my personal Facebook page, Twitter, or my Author page(s) will be solely for further developing my business. Any and all business related correspondence should be directed to the following email address:


Only business related emails will receive a response. All others will be discarded. To further isolate myself, you may not receive a response from me at all, but from one of my writing partners or my producer.

In the event of an emergency, I may choose to respond to correspondence. However, no one should assume that I am constantly watching my email or that I will visit any of the websites previously listed. My immediate family should already know how to reach me in the event of an emergency.

The internet is a wonderful place. However, it is also populated with horrors and unseemly characters that many of us would never allow into our own homes. It is pretty much the electronic version of the real world. Just as most of us would never voluntarily walk down a street in a violent neighborhood, I am choosing not to visit places on the internet that would ultimately do me harm. To me, this violent place has become social media.

In several instances of simply trying to become part of the conversation, I have been labeled as unpatriotic, antireligious, and irresponsible. I’ve also been called various racial slurs that I will not reproduce here. I have been demeaned for going to college and I have been made fun of for reading books. I have been called a “fag lover” because I believe that marriage should be between two people who love each other and not just a man and a woman. I have been called anti American because I never wanted any of our military people to go to Iraq to die in a pointless war. I have been called a towelhead because I said we should not automatically assume that Muslims were behind the Boston bombings. I have been called “Chinky” and “Gooker” because I actually have no problem with the Asian community. I have been told “Go back to Mexico” because of my surname. I have been called a pedophile because I enjoy Japanese animation. Apparently, you cannot do anything in this world without someone hating you.

Over time, it’s become quite clear to me that there is no way to win at this. There are only certain levels of losing. Some people are so set in their ways that no amount of proof of something one way or another will get them to change their minds. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. Yet, so many were so set in their ways that they refused to see the truth. Years later, the same thing happened when people figured out that the Earth wasn’t flat or that it revolved around the sun. Again, people were in denial over this. Nowadays, we see these things and accept them as fact because scientists have studied and proved them to be true.

For most people, you are either one way or another. There is no room for middle ground.

It is because of these things that I am choosing to no longer be part of the conversation. If any of my past statements didn’t sit well with you, consider this a gift as you won’t have to hear from me for an extended period of time. If you never noticed me before, you’ll not realize I am gone now and your life will not change. Very few people will actually care that I am no longer around. I can think of maybe two who might see my exit as negative. Sadly, most will either not care or actually be happy that I am no longer around. Again, consider it a gift.

If and when I come back, it will be on my own accord and not because of anyone else. I am not doing this for anyone else. I am doing this for myself. I want to do the things I love such as reading, writing, painting, drawing, and going back to college. I don’t want people to call me insane or make fun of me because I suffer from mental illness. My doctors have previously encouraged me to be more social and to go out more. In this case, I have to dismiss their suggestions and concentrate on just being me and not exposing myself to a group of hateful people who do not even realize they are prejudice.

I know people may read this and assume I am lumping everyone together. I am not. I never have. It would be like me saying something like “The world is full of bad parents.” People are offended by this. They never take the time to think about the statement. They never sit and think to themselves “Am I a bad parent?” They immediately assume I am talking about everyone. Why don’t they take the time to review their own record?

Do you raise your children to be good and honest people? Do you care for you kids? Do you feed them, cloth them? Take them to school? If so, then the above statement doesn’t apply to you. So, why are you offended?

Are you part of a group of hateful and prejudice people? If not, you should not be offended by my statement. If you are, then that is not my problem. It is yours and you need to look inside yourself and figure it out.

It is with this that I am signing off of social media. I do not know if or when I may return. Until then, I leave you with the words of Edward R. Murrow. Goodnight and good luck.


Boston Marathon Bombings – My Response

I was having a discussion on Facebook with some friends over how people tend to automatically assume it was someone from the middle east or an asian that set off those bombs (some very interesting tweets). We were exploring the fact that a ton of people have already assumed that it was a foreigner and not a white terrorist. My friend pointed me to a very interesting article (written by a white guy) that talks about how no one thinks that a white person could have perpetrated this latest violence. Here is one of my responses during our conversation:

“We like to think of ourselves as enlightened, but as a country, we’re not. There are still so many people out there ready to jump to conclusions about who did it. They always want to blame people from the middle east or in some cases, Asians. Absolutely no proof, yet they’ve already made up their minds. I read the story you linked to about white privilege and I have to say it rings very true. People seem to ignore the fact that we’ve had a very large number of white terrorists in our country, yet conveniently forget about them when something like the Boston bombings happens. I find it even more disturbing that the Colorado movie theater shooting was done by a white guy, yet they don’t mention that he’s a white terrorist. They blame guns or they blame mental illness. They never mention that he might be a white guy who just wants to kill as many people as possible. Same thing with the shootings at Sandy Hook. A white guy, but it’s the fault of the guns. Columbine High School, two white kids go crazy and shoot up their school and kill teachers and students, yet again, they blame guns and metal music. The only time race is EVER a factor is when the person doing the mass killing is not white. When we find out who did these latest bombings, I can tell you this. If he’s white, no one will say a thing about him being white. If he turns out to be practically any other race, you can bet your house that someone is going to play the race card and try to say “I told you so.””

English: Hope Columbine Memorial Library at Co...

English: Hope Columbine Memorial Library at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Gun Debate


Here is a Facebook response I posted to someone arguing about pro-gun legislation and about how the government is now trying to limit how and what guns are available.


“Most people are looking at this as sort of like the bible. Many people do not live by things written in a 2000 year old text. Sure, it has some moral lessons in it, but for the most part it is not followed today word for word. Not even close. (We don’t sell our daughters into slavery anymore) The same can be said about any government constitution. When it was written, they did not have the same problems that we do now. The world has changed. Back when this was written, they did not have fully automatic weapons or magazines that could hold a massive amount of ammunition. People are hating on the AR-15 lately. Pro gun people say it is not an assault rifle, yet I know a guy who can, with a few minor changes, make it fully automatic. Adjustments will always have to be made to things like laws because the world is always changing. Not too long ago, minorities were not allowed to sit in the front of the bus in many places in our country. That has changed. The same for women. With out the suffrage movement, women would still be without a voice in this country. Instead of holding steadfastly to an old rule, why not offer ways to improve it and adapt it to the world today? Many pro gunners reject the changes to the laws outright without offering any suggestions of their own, no original ideas. I am neither for or against guns. I think they serve a purpose so I am not arguing for or against any sort of ban. What I am saying is we need to have a real discussion or this will never be resolved. Until both parties are willing to sit and talk it out, this will go on pretty much forever. We get angry at our senators and congressmen when a budget doesn’t get passed, yet pro and anti gunners are doing the exact same thing with this issue…barking real loud, but not solving a thing.”


R. Allen


Johnson Automatic Rifle (in Center)

Johnson Automatic Rifle (in Center) (Photo credit: neepster)

Amanda Todd: A Reaction

People have been talking about Amanda Todd, a 15 year old girl who took her own life from endless bullying. If you’ve read my blog before you will know I am no stranger to major depression and thoughts of suicide. While I cannot claim to have know this girl, I can attest to how she probably felt. A friend of mine posted a story about her on their Facebook page to bring the story to light for those who may not have heard about it. The following was my reaction.

“This happens to adults as well as children. We are all people and we all make bad decisions every now and then. She did and she knew she did, and for that she was cast out of society until she couldn’t take it anymore. A perfect adult example of this is what has happened and is happening with Michael Vick. The guy screwed up big time and for that, he went to jail. He repaid his debt to society, yet people still bash him and ridicule him, and sadly it will probably always be that way. It’s this sort of mentality that destroys people. A person makes one or two mistakes in their lives and they are never able to live it down. Of course, this 15 year old girl had more of an excuse than Vick, but the situations are still similar. Yes, he was a grown man and she was just a kid. Still, we are mere spectators in most of these situations and we need to stop being so judgmental. We are no one to judge others. None of us. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives. Until we can realize that everyone in one way or another is screwed up, this will continue to happen.”

I was in no way making excuses for what Michael Vick did. He knows he made a huge mistake and for that he was sent to jail and dismissed from the NFL. There is no way he can bring back the lives of the animals he took, but to assume he can never fully redeem himself is selfish on the part of society. In some people’s eyes, anything he may be doing or might do in the future to try to redeem himself will never be enough. That’s unfair. The same can be said for this little girl. She made a huge mistake by showing off her body and letting herself be photographed. Still, it was the mistake of a person with very little wisdom and no grasp on the long term repercussions of her actions. She screwed up. Everyone screws up. We all don’t do the exact same things this girl did, but we do eventually make a bad decision. Maybe we do something dumb like not keeping up with our children or maybe we start gambling away all our money. Maybe we get into drugs or start drinking too much.

If a drunk can find redemption, then so can this little girl. So can Michael Vick. I’ve had my run ins with drunks and suffice it to say, they were not the greatest of times in my life. The same can be said of those with drug problems. These people that have directly affected my life made mistakes just like Michael and Amanda did. Yet, here I am, having forgave those people for their actions.

I find it remarkably disturbing that so many people find it so hard to forgive. I find it even worse that so many people that had nothing to do with those mistakes somehow feel justified in condemning not the mistakes themselves, but the people who made them. What’s done is done. We cannot change that. There is no secret time machine where we can somehow go back into the past and correct our mistakes. Sure, the people who screwed up would surely like to do just that, but it’s simply not an option. All these people can do is seek atonement. It is up to them and if they sincerely wish to atone for their sins, we should be able to find it in our hearts to forgive them and maybe even offer them help to achieve that goal.

I don’t care how old you are. I don’t care what religion you follow, what political group to ally yourself with, or what color your skin is. Not a single one of us has any right to pass judgment on anyone else. We have all screwed up. Some more than others, but not one of us is innocent. If a person is truly remorseful for their trespass, we should do our best to let go of any hate or anger that developed from that indiscretion. As the old saying goes, hate begets hate. Anger begets anger. Forgiveness, compassion, love…well, they help to heal.

Amanda Todd – gone too soon – Rest in Peace.

Photo via Vancouversun.com

Aurora, CO Shooting – There is No God

I keep hearing and seeing people say things about what happened in Aurora, CO at The Dark Knight Rises premier. People seem to be saying the same thing.

What a tragedy!

How insane!

At least, this is what they say about the people who were killed. A bunch of others were injured, but luckily they made it out alive. Many others got out unscathed. As I said about those that got out with only minor injuries…lucky.

I also keep hearing people say “Thankfully God was watching over the survivors!” They also post things on Twitter and Facebook saying essentially the same thing.

God was looking out for them!

God protected them!

God wasn’t protecting anyone.

How can I say such a heartless thing? I don’t see it as heartless. I just see it as the truth. I find it fascinating that people say that God was looking out for the survivors. Screw the survivors. What about those that died? Who was looking out for them? Nobody…because there is no God.

God supposedly looks out for people that truly believe. He looks out for people that live good lives. What does that say about those that were killed? Where they bad people? Did they break laws? Were they evil? Criminal? Only they truly know what kind of lives they led.

And then there’s the shooter, a 24 year old guy named James Holmes. What about him? Police say he thought he was the Joker. Before this, he was apparently a premed student. Not such a bad thing. It’s interesting to think about though. How do you go from being premed to killing innocent people in a crowded movie theater? One thing we can probably say for sure is…he knew what he was doing.

He knew he was going somewhere where the crowds would be large and held in a confined space. Anyone who is familiar with a movie theater knows that in most cases, you walk up s short walkway, then travel up a few steps to get to your seats. Once you’re settled in and ready to see the movie, there are only two ways out: the emergency exit or back the way you came. Fact is either way you have to go back down those steps to get there, to get out. James knew this. He knew people would be stuck up a handful of steps. He knew how they would be seating. He knew once the film was going and people were into it, it was going to be a turkey shoot.

And then there’s God. Did God see the evil inside this person? Did God stop him from accumulating all those weapons? The body armor? The gas mask? Did God try to stop him from going into that movie theater? Was he up there in heaven looking down at him while he slaughtered women? Children? Good people who probably had nothing against him? No. He didn’t. If God was there, looking over the bloodshed, he knew what was happening. He knew people would die.

God looked over that scene and he didn’t seem to mind.

And what’s happening now? James is getting exactly what he wants. Everyone is talking about him as if he were a celebrity. He’s all over the papers, online news sites, Twitter, Facebook, Google+…everywhere. We’re giving him exactly what he wanted.

God bless the survivors? The victims? No.

God bless no one.

Getup Get God

Getup Get God (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

Data used in the article was sourced from CNN.com.

Article by Ruby Jones (@Ruby_M_Jones), Emily Carmichael (@Executive_Emily) and Richard Allen (@RichardAllenRH).

May 29th, 2012

Take a deep breath…

“We Are All Retarded” Free Release Event

Well, her book is ready to go and she is very excited!

We’ve setup a free release event for Ruby M. Jones via Facebook and you can show her your support by “joining” the rest of us here. 

We hope this is the beginning of many great things for Ruby and for our small, but tight knit writing family. If you were interested, you can get the skinny on all of us by clicking here. Thank you all again for your continued support not only of my work, but also of Ruby’s work as well as Emily’s. We hope Ruby will be our first 100k seller!

Best of luck, Ruby!

Lots of Edits

Ruby’s project is moving along nicely. I would say about 80% done with her stuff, but even then it gets one more look to be sure.

My stuff is still getting rewritten and editing like mad. I’ve dropped about 4500 words out of it overall which is not bad, but it needs more. My goal is 25k words at the very least. I’m not sure if I will hit it though as I am already in chapter 7 of 28. Who knows, I might make it. If I don’t, it’s not a huge deal. I just want the book to be shorter so people aren’t overwhelmed by it. 500 pages is a lot to ask people to read. 60 years ago that wasn’t a huge deal, but people have changed. Either way, it’s no longer 513 pages as it was. Now it’s closer to 500 and dropping so if I can get it to 450 that would be great.

In case you missed them, here are the two covers I did in the last couple of weeks. The first is for Ruby’s book and the second is for mine. Hope you like them.

Last Night is Free on Amazon…Really!

That’s right. It’s really free. Help get Last Night to #1 by telling everyone you know about it and downloading it. You don’t even need a Kindle reader to do it. You can use the Kindle computer reader or even the cloud reader. Just download! Download! Download!. Unfortunately, each account can only download it one time each so please do what you can to spread the word.

When I mean free, I don’t mean free after some dumb rebate or anything like that . I mean free as in completely 100% free. No delivery costs, no extra stuff to do. Just go to Amazon, look up the book, click order, you will see where it says FREE and then just like that it will give you the option of where to have it sent. Again, you can have it sent to a Kindle device, the cloud reader, or the kindle for computer reader. Heck, there are even Apps for devices like iPads, iPhones, and Androids out there as well.

It’s not a very long read either. It’s all of 17 pages so it’s short and sweet. I’ve gotten great reviews from scholars and a couple of hate reviews from trolls so you know it’s good stuff. For a shortcut to book, you can click here. Once you read it, make sure you got back and give it a review if you have time or at least a big “Thumbs up!” so people will be encouraged to check it out! You can also visit the Facebook event by clicking here.

Thank you all for your continued support of my work and once the Rumbling Heart Series is ready to come back, I will work on trying to get those free on Amazon as well.

Cover for Last Night

Cover of Last Night