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Problems with Clear Wireless

So, I was speaking to clear about my poor internet speeds since last Thursday. Here is a snapshot of my conversation with them.

Clear Conversation


Yeah, it was pretty funny. I originally posted this to my Facebook account. Here is a copy of one of my responses when some people started asking questions.

I am actually doing more research into the matter. Wired cable is treated similar to a telephone: it’s considered a utility. If I can argue and prove that their service is unusable during extended periods of time, I can corner them into giving me a month for free and they can’t fight it. In a sense, they would be obligated to waive the monthly service. Many people don’t know, but if your home telephone goes out for more than 4 hours in a day, you are entitled to one day free service. If it goes out for more than a day, you are entitled to a month of free service. This is how it was when I worked for AT&T and Time Warner. It’s not something the utility companies talk about, but it’s regulated by the FCC. Since wireless is also regulated by the FCC, I want to see exactly how they define wireless internet. If it’s deemed a utility, then I have that argument. They can try to deny me the credit, but then I can complain to the FCC directly and they would then be forced to give me the credit. I tear apart Terms and Conditions all the time when I buy things. I did the same thing with Cricket Wireless. They refused to refund me my rate plan cost because they tried to tell me it was considered an “Activation Fee.” I went into their T&C and found that it did not consider a “Rate Plan” an “Activation Fee.” I argued my case and won and my monthly service was refunded to me. My years in wireless really helped me in so many ways.

I did do a little more research, but in the end I was just sick of Clear and sick of paying $50 a month for something that hadn’t worked as advertised for 8 straight days. Here is something I was originally going to post to Facebook, but decided just to add to this blog post.

UPDATE! – So, I called Clear today to cancel. I had been using the internet service from them again this morning and was still getting massive slowdowns. I call them and I tell them I want to cancel. I was expecting them to try and do a save which is when they offer you usually some sort of credit or discount to try and keep you from canceling your service with them. We did that when I worked for AT&T Wireless so I figured they’d do it as well. They did give me a great offer though. They knocked 40% off my service price, no contract. I said sure, go ahead and apply the save promo, but if my speeds aren’t any better in the next couple of days I will just end up canceling anyway. Well, I had mentioned in a previous post that I knew they were purposely slowing me down via a bandwidth management system they use. Guess what…no more than 5 minutes after I ended my call with Clear, my pre-issue speeds are back to their previous levels. (Feigning shock) Now, even during peak times, my speeds are quite fast and I am paying far less for the same service. Lesson? COMPLAIN! I figured the worst that could happen was they offered nothing and I would just rid myself of them, but now it looks like I am on an unofficial “Do not throttle” list, at least for a little while.

Here is a copy of an email I got from Clear along with the “Save” promo they added. (I blotted out personal info)



You’ll notice the name of the promo is Loyalty Stay Connected 6mos. I am thinking perhaps since I had been with them over 6 months that this promo might only be good for people that have been with them for a certain period of time. In other words, if you’ve been with them for only 6 or 7 weeks you may not be offered this. They also said that this promo was good for 6 months so it might also mean that. Still, most places that offer internet and cell phone service generally give better save offers if you’ve been with them for a good while.

Well, this is how it went with me and Clear. If something changes, I will give an update. For now, I am enjoying my faster speeds again and hope they stay that way.