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Good Night and Good Luck

I’m leaving Facebook and Twitter for the foreseeable future. I will not delete either account, but I will not be responding to messages or tweets. Over the course of the last several months I have found it increasingly difficult to deal with all the distractions and detriments that social media has brought onto me. I know it is my choice whether to participate in social media or not which is why I am making the choice to step back from it for the time being. I will not post personal updates on Facebook and I will not respond to messages or comments on any posts. I will not post tweets or respond to tweets directed toward me.

I have found it is best for me to ignore all of the negativity that swirls in and around social media. This also goes for any and all conversations I may see in things that I participate in such as online conversations via Facebook, Yahoo, CNN, or any other comment generating media such as chat rooms and even online games. While I may still visit such venues from time to time to keep up with the progression of the world, I will not engage in any sort of contact with any other person through these mediums. If my feelings on this worsen, I will cease visiting news outlets as they too are a generator of negativity and in today’s internet culture, only seem to serve the “Internet Troll” and not the ordinary citizen.

The few exceptions in this will be the posting of updates pertinent to my chosen profession(s) as an author / editor / ghost writer / content reviewer. Any photos posted on either my personal Facebook page, Twitter, or my Author page(s) will be solely for further developing my business. Any and all business related correspondence should be directed to the following email address:


Only business related emails will receive a response. All others will be discarded. To further isolate myself, you may not receive a response from me at all, but from one of my writing partners or my producer.

In the event of an emergency, I may choose to respond to correspondence. However, no one should assume that I am constantly watching my email or that I will visit any of the websites previously listed. My immediate family should already know how to reach me in the event of an emergency.

The internet is a wonderful place. However, it is also populated with horrors and unseemly characters that many of us would never allow into our own homes. It is pretty much the electronic version of the real world. Just as most of us would never voluntarily walk down a street in a violent neighborhood, I am choosing not to visit places on the internet that would ultimately do me harm. To me, this violent place has become social media.

In several instances of simply trying to become part of the conversation, I have been labeled as unpatriotic, antireligious, and irresponsible. I’ve also been called various racial slurs that I will not reproduce here. I have been demeaned for going to college and I have been made fun of for reading books. I have been called a “fag lover” because I believe that marriage should be between two people who love each other and not just a man and a woman. I have been called anti American because I never wanted any of our military people to go to Iraq to die in a pointless war. I have been called a towelhead because I said we should not automatically assume that Muslims were behind the Boston bombings. I have been called “Chinky” and “Gooker” because I actually have no problem with the Asian community. I have been told “Go back to Mexico” because of my surname. I have been called a pedophile because I enjoy Japanese animation. Apparently, you cannot do anything in this world without someone hating you.

Over time, it’s become quite clear to me that there is no way to win at this. There are only certain levels of losing. Some people are so set in their ways that no amount of proof of something one way or another will get them to change their minds. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. Yet, so many were so set in their ways that they refused to see the truth. Years later, the same thing happened when people figured out that the Earth wasn’t flat or that it revolved around the sun. Again, people were in denial over this. Nowadays, we see these things and accept them as fact because scientists have studied and proved them to be true.

For most people, you are either one way or another. There is no room for middle ground.

It is because of these things that I am choosing to no longer be part of the conversation. If any of my past statements didn’t sit well with you, consider this a gift as you won’t have to hear from me for an extended period of time. If you never noticed me before, you’ll not realize I am gone now and your life will not change. Very few people will actually care that I am no longer around. I can think of maybe two who might see my exit as negative. Sadly, most will either not care or actually be happy that I am no longer around. Again, consider it a gift.

If and when I come back, it will be on my own accord and not because of anyone else. I am not doing this for anyone else. I am doing this for myself. I want to do the things I love such as reading, writing, painting, drawing, and going back to college. I don’t want people to call me insane or make fun of me because I suffer from mental illness. My doctors have previously encouraged me to be more social and to go out more. In this case, I have to dismiss their suggestions and concentrate on just being me and not exposing myself to a group of hateful people who do not even realize they are prejudice.

I know people may read this and assume I am lumping everyone together. I am not. I never have. It would be like me saying something like “The world is full of bad parents.” People are offended by this. They never take the time to think about the statement. They never sit and think to themselves “Am I a bad parent?” They immediately assume I am talking about everyone. Why don’t they take the time to review their own record?

Do you raise your children to be good and honest people? Do you care for you kids? Do you feed them, cloth them? Take them to school? If so, then the above statement doesn’t apply to you. So, why are you offended?

Are you part of a group of hateful and prejudice people? If not, you should not be offended by my statement. If you are, then that is not my problem. It is yours and you need to look inside yourself and figure it out.

It is with this that I am signing off of social media. I do not know if or when I may return. Until then, I leave you with the words of Edward R. Murrow. Goodnight and good luck.



Mirador de la flor

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For those of you in Texas, namely Corpus Christi (as I am), and don’t remember what today is…don’t feel too bad. Below is a response I left to a CNN blog story on Selena and her death.


Hm, I live in Corpus Christi, TX, Selena’s home, and I gotta say…no one has said a single thing about it today. Was at the local college this morning, getting my classes in and not a single word. I was in CC when she was killed and even drove by the hotel where she was shot as it was happening, although I didn’t know what the disturbance was at the time. While we do have the Selena memorial, which is always open to the public, I find it odd that no one, locally, has mentioned what today is. I guess perhaps its a generational thing…or maybe we all just forgot. I know I did, but then again. People here generally don’t remember a great persons death, they remember their life, and we don’t need a particular day to do that. Her music is still played on local stations everyday, and it’s not unusual for you to hear passing cars still playing her songs. Selena lost her life that terrible day, but something good did come out of it. When she died, she wasn’t forgotten. She transcended into immortality.


Racist Remark

3. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights act...

Martin Luther King

Here is an interesting bit of news from a CNN post. It references the story of a Spokane, WA man setting up and trying to detonate a bomb on Martin Luther King day in an attempt to further his cause. The post is unedited and contains racist language.

His Post:

“Kay/Kay/Kay All The Way
Ok so he doesnt like n!ggers? Well who does? But you cant go around blowing things up like that. Well maybe if he hadve done it it wouldnt be all that bad. Just as long as it was only the n!ggers that got it. Cant afford to lose any white folks. Were diminishing fast enough as it is.”

My response:

“thats pretty funny. sad thing is your “white folk” would have perished as well so yeah, it was a dumb idea. I seriously doubt blowing people up should really even be an option. If you only solution is to kill people you do not like, then it’s time you went back to school and learned about coming up with other ideas. Each and every time some white power moron gos around killing people and committing hate crimes, it just gives all of us all the more reason to justify why certain things in the US exist like affirmative action. Racist people did this all to themselves and you will only worsen your cause by continuing to do what it is you all have always done. The KKK has been around since the 1860 (although it died out for a few years) and you would think if things were going to go your way, it would have by now. 150 years later, minorities have just as many rights, if not more rights that whites. A smart man once said you have to know when you have lost the war and simply cut your loses…sadly, racists aren’t winning and because of things like this, they never will.”

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