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It’s Live

Rumbling Heart is now live on three major book outlets. Go pick it up if you like! I am sure you all will enjoy it!

Recorded Butterflies is Now Free

I’ve dropped the price for Recorded Butterflies to free via Smashwords.com. Currently, Rumbling Heart is also free so you can download both books for absolutely no cost to you. Head on over and check it out while you can. You can download it as a PDF or you can DL a file that will work with your Kindle, Nook, and several other popular eReaders. Thank you all again for your continued support of my work and I look forward to feedback. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @RichardAllenRH

First Review of Recorded Butterflies is in.

Got a review. Here is the link. Enjoy.

You can purchase the books here.


$2.99 sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble – Rumbling Heart

Decided to have  a sale and drop the price pretty dramatically. For those of you who have not had a chance to pick up the book thus far, now is the perfect opportunity to pick it up for next to nothing.


Essentially $3 which is a darn good price for a book of it’s size (510 pages). Both sites have the new lower price already set so head on over to them and check it out. If you can’t get the book quite yet, at least give me a like or a star rating for good karma!


Barnes and Noble



Amazon and Barnes and Noble

My latest release Rumbling Heart is currently available on both Amazon and barnesandnoble.com so be sure to check it out. Both sites offer free samples so you can essentially try it before you buy it.

Currently in progress is the follow up to RH which I have titled Recorded Butterflies and once a release date has been set I will let everyone know. This next work is moving along nicely and I hope to have the final draft ready for formatting by no later than the end of this month. It will be a shorter work so that time needed to prepare it will be significantly shorter.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope that my work is at the very least entertaining.


First 4 Chapters Available for Free on Amazon

Amazon.com is currently offering the first 4 chapters of Rumbling Heart as a sample before you buy. If you decide that the book is worth purchasing, it can be done for a very reasonable $5.99 with free wireless delivery for Kindle users. If you do not have a Kindle, you can still purchase the book and read it on any computer using the free Kindle app from Amazon.

Barnes and Noble also offer a free sample for their Nook device. Their sample is smaller however, and only gives you a little less than 2 chapters. The online price is also $5.99 with them. They also offer free software to download to any computer so you can read the book.

Most popular eReaders can handle either format so owning a Nook or a Kindle is usually not required.

Thank you again for the support and I look forward to the feedback.