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To Murder a Child…

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about the article I did on Casey Anthony and I must say, most people have made some very good points.

The original article can be found here.

So that I do not have to keep constantly making this clarification, I’ll say it here for all to read. The article was intended to encourage debate regarding the media and the way we view it and absorb it’s contents. It was never meant to condemn or condone the actions of Ms. Anthony so please do not assume that was it’s intent. That being said, I welcome any and all comments related to the article with open arms. As a few others have said and as I stated in the article, we may never really know what happened to Caylee. It’s quite possible that Casey did have, at the very least, a small role in her demise.

While I am, as I said, open to criticism and debate, the death threats…yeah. Not cool. If you thumb through the notes, it was suggested by a reader that I have a child only so that it could be murdered so I could know what it felt like to lose a child. Not only was the comment very assuming, but it actually condoned the murder of yet another innocent kid. I must say, quite frankly, that’s no way to further your cause. If you disagree with my article, I am fine with that. Debate is good. Suggesting that children should be murdered just to prove a point…well, that’s just sick.


Be sure to check out this petition to enact what will be known as “Caylee’s Law.”

Cool Cat keeps his cool about the Casey Anthony verdict

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