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Division in The GOP?

I don’t normally get into politics too often on the blog, but just last night as projected by CNN.com, Rick Santorum won Minnesota’s caucuses and Missouri’s nonbinding primary. As of the writing of this blog entry, it was still unknown what the results were for Colorado.

Now I’ve never really identified with anyone party. I will admit that most of my political views have been more toward the left so I never really cared much for what happened to the Grand Ol’ Party, but this is definitely interesting. While I didn’t really dive headlong into the story, I did skim them over to see how the numbers looked and for a while it seemed as if Mit Romney was going to be the one to run against President Obama in the fall elections. Then suddenly, light a bolt of lightning, Newt Gingrich came out and won South Carolina and just like that it felt like people were thinking “ok, now it’s game on.” I was thinking the same thing, hoping to see at least a semi-entertaining Republican run similar to what we saw a few years ago between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Now here we are again thinking it’s between the two big dogs, but no! Santorum says  “What just a minute!” and pulls out two huge wins! Perhaps not massive delegate-wise, but it’s definitely turning heads. For a race that seemed to be coming down to only two men, Santorum came in and change the game.


Just checked CNN.com and as of this moment, they updated the Colorado results and Santorum is about 300 votes behind Romney so he has a big change to take Colorado as well.

I gotta say, I have no idea why, but this is almost exciting; sort of like a horse race. Some of you might think that I am a closet republican. Nope, sorry to disappoint. I’m not a racing fan either, but if I were around while a horse race was going on, I’d stop for a few minutes just to see who came out on top. SImilar situation here.

Gotta say this is going to be a very interesting Election year. Regardless, I have to say whichever candidate they throw at Obama better be on his toes because with unemployment numbers looking better, the stock market improving, and the kept promise of ending the Iraq war, it’s gonna be a hard sell trying to convince America to replace him.


Image via Rick Santorum Website