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Holiday Gift

You know what the greatest holiday gift for me is? No, it’s not the super special awesome wool cap I asked for or the gift cards i got. Sure, spending time with my family was great and while I do appreciate that, I have to be a little self centered here and say that coming up with the perfect climatic ending for my book is the best thing. I woke up today and it was all just there, as if i dreamed it all the night before. I was up at about 5am on my own, and not because it was Christmas because honestly, I don’t really care too much for the holiday anymore. Yet on this day, I figured out the ending to my work and I couldn’t be happier. It’s so simple yet so perfect that I don’t even have to outline it to remember. It’s engraved in my heart and mind, so much so that you’d have thought I lived it. I have only one other person to thank for this literary bounty. Have a good holiday and be safe.