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14 Days of Prozac (Fluoxetine)


Here are a few more things I’ve experienced 14 days into taking Prozac.


I’m still not feeling hardly any desire to eat. It looks like that side effect isn’t let up at all. As before, I don’t mind it at all as it’s helping me drop some weight. The only issue I am having is making sure I eat enough. Every time I eat I am never hungry. I only do it because I have to. I’ve also found I am less thirsty which goes hand in hand with the hunger thing. I’ve dropped some water weight, but not a huge amount.


I cannot say this is from the Prozac as I’ve experienced them before, but I ended up with a massive migraine on Sunday, the 14th day of my prozac intake. It was quite bad. I had all the classic symptoms: upset stomach, nausea, any little noise threw me off, even the dimmest if lights were too much. It was bad. I ended up sleeping through most of it with some help from my Zanaflex. After that, I ended up with a tension headache which wasn’t any more pleasant.


My pain threshold is getting smaller. Again, I cannot say that this is necessarily because of the Prozac. For some reason, I have been having major problems with my back lately so I am deal with significantly higher pain levels. I am always usually about a 4 or 5, but lately it is getting up into 6 and 7, occasionally hitting 8 and 9 which is really bad. I do have some Hydrocodone 7.5’s to help with it thankfully. I have an appointment set to see my general practitioner in about a week for my back. I did end up at the ER because of the pain which is where I got the Hydro. It was given as a short term solution.


My mood seems to be stabilizing a little. On the Celexa I was previously taking, I was still having really bad mood swings. The prozac seems to be helping a little. I cannot say for certain yet. It might be I am just going through a period where I am in a slightly better mood. I will update this on my next post 21 Days of Prozac.


I did have one very strange side effect that I’d not experienced with other SSRI‘s. One night for about three hours, I experienced a very strange sense of euphoria. I’d not taken any of my muscle relaxers or any pain medication. I felt very lightheaded and it almost felt like I was floating above my bed. I couldn’t sleep during this period, but the sensation of lightheadedness was so intense that I dared not get up. I was still in pain, yet I felt free and almost like I was going to break apart into molecules. It was a very odd sensation that I can only attribute to my brain releasing some sort of natural painkiller like a¬†continuous¬†endorphin rush. For a time, I thought maybe I was slipping into psychosis as my hallucinations did increase during that time. They were manageable though and not scary at all. Seeing them actually made me feel at ease.


Well, this is my update after 14 days. When 21 days have come, I will give another write up to see if the three week threshold provides any added relief.


Fluoxetine HCl 20mg Capsules (Prozac)

Fluoxetine HCl 20mg Capsules (Prozac) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Higher Dosage

I’ve been moved to 6mg of Invega from 3mg. I’m about 3 days into the new dose and like last time, I’m feeling all my emotions drain out of me. I don’t feel much of anything and this drug has it’s way of doing that. I’m sure it’s just a way to stabilize a person, but I still don’t enjoy it. Even now I am having trouble even writing this. I keep getting this sensation that I don’t care, but I know that’s not it. It’s just the drug doing that. Like last time, I’m not hearing much of anything most of the time. Last night was the exception. The usual voices in the other room and some strange compulsions, but I know that’s my body getting shocked by the higher dose. Interestingly enough, I now have no appetite. That’s for the best though. When getting on the Celexa, I gained a few pounds which I did not like. Perhaps this will be the time to get them off again.

As always, my compulsions are rather harmless. I feel the need to brush my hair and to search for things within the paint of the walls in my room. I also feel the need for a bath at least 6-7 times a day, although I am only bathing once, making sure to limit my time in there. When I have that time I tend to let my mind wander and as ridiculous as it seems, I sometimes find myself in panics because of it. I find myself obsessing about the same things over and over again, but I won’t get into that. I’m just glad I’m not one of those crazies that hurts people, although I’m sure some people assume that. I simply don’t have it in me to harm another person and it hurts me to know some people assume I am a danger to them. It makes me want to avoid people all over again. I do anyway. I don’t want to go to the groups anymore as I no longer feel welcome.

I’m going to stop writing now as I don’t have the drive to continue.