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Sandy Hook School Shootings: Why It Will Keep Happening

It’s a very simple question. Why do these people feel the need to run off and shoot up a school or a mall or their workplace then kill themselves? My sister asked why, if someone is planning to kill themselves, do they not just off themselves and not kill a bunch of other people. My answer was this: “Because suicides don’t get media attention, but murders do.” It was to the point and very accurate. It’s very true. Think of it. You rarely hear about suicides in the media unless it was the death of a well known person like an actor or a musical artist. If you are a regular Joe like most of us and you kill yourself, you’re lucky to get a simple obituary in the local paper. But if you take a bunch of people with you, you are surely to be remembered and people will begin to wonder more about who you are.

It’s been happening for years now. Think back at just how long ago Columbine High had its infamous shootings. Yes, it’s really been almost 14 years and look at what happened with those two boys? They were all over the news and various media outlets for years. They even had movies made about them. Sure, they may be dead and cannot see what happened after the fact, but everyone else can. People know if you go to a school and kill enough people you’re going to get a slew of media attention and people will possibly talk about you for years to come. What better way to grab the attention of a nation and sometimes even the world.

I am not saying it is alright to do such things. Murder is murder and is never the answer. All I am saying is we should no longer be surprised when such things happen, especially here in the United Sates. We are a gun culture and we’ve been raised to believe that certain situations, certain problems can be dealt with using a gun. Disagree with me all you want and discuss gun control. Fact is if you made it harder for people to acquire and possess guns it’s very possible that fewer people may have died. I know, guns don’t kill people on their own, but having one sure makes it a lot easier to get the job done.

I sincerely hope those people that managed to live through this are able to move on with their lives. It’s a pity that they will have to live with such a memory.

Sandy Hook Elementary

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  1. You make very valid points, especially about more stringent gun controls possibly preventing senseless killings like this recent tragedy. However, it is shocking to think that someone would want to take this type of notoriety to the grave. There are certainly other ways to become famous, especially in this age of viral youtube videos and Facebook. Social networking has allowed people to not feel as isolated and alone. If you can’t make friends at work or school, you can make thousands of friends online, and even become famous online, which makes for an Introvert’s dream, albeit a psychopathic or psychotic Introvert.

    In any case, there is no rational reason for slaughtering innocent, defenseless bystanders. There cannot be any rationalization, and it shouldn’t make sense. Even “depression” doesn’t really cut it because I’ve known dozens of depressed people who cannot move enough to climb out of bed. They don’t even have the energy to kill themselves, and hurting someone else would be even more depressing.

    These raging young men don’t kill on impulse, they plan the genocide in excruciating detail. They are psychotic, psychopathic, and sadistic to the point of being demonic.
    Their rage is palpable, and they leave plenty of evidenciary support for it.

    Why the rage? Why take it out on innocent strangers? Why kill?
    Why not blow of steam for life’s harsh realities by doing Yoga, cross country running, spinning, swimming, or even getting hammered drunk? WHY KILL? And why kill defenseless innocents?

    What is happening to our society to cause young, bright men to feel so rageful and powerless to the point of wanting to end their lives and killing others?

    There is no doubt they would have been less successful without access to an arsenal of weapons and bullet-proof vests. Wielding a knife or baseball bat would have not been as swift, nor as damaging, and possibly not fatal, as the recent slashing at a Chinese elementary school proved. In this case, the children were hospitalized for stab wounds, but all survived.

    So, something must be done about gun control, and soon. And something must be done about the mental health and values of the young people in our society, and even sooner.

    They are our future, and must be empowered to feel successful and full of options. Without them, there is nothing.

    December 28, 2012 at 6:26 pm

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