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I read an article on Amy Winehouse and it gave her cause of death after a lengthy inquest to try to figure out how and why she died. Turns out she went on a sort of bender in the days leading up to her death. She died of alcohol poisoning. As before, the jokes about rehab and her song started swirling all over again. I couldn’t help but think to myself how mean spirited some people are. It seems its so easy to make fun of someone like a celebrity who had a real world problem. People seem to forget that there are millions of people out there deal with alcohol addiction, not just musicians, actors, or professional athletes. I think it’s also really sad that for some reason, rarely do other feel the need to defend people like Winehouse and only look to tear her down.

She had a problem just like anyone else in the world. It was a problem she needed serious help with. It’s unfortunate that the help came too late for her.

Things like this are no unusual in the world of entertainment. You have a lot a money and you have access to things like illegal drugs and vast amounts of alcohol. I think the main reason why so many celebrities fall victim to such things is because of the public. They have an image that they have to live up to so they stress themselves to the breaking point to try and fit that mold; to fit the model that the public wants to see. Sometimes they succeed. Other times, we get Amy.

It’s so remarkably sad that when it comes to someone with money, us everyday Joe’s feel the need to bash and tear those people down. We seem to think that since they have money that they should be happy. As the public, we love our sayings and quotes from famous people, yet when it comes to the downfall of a great person, we never hesitate to knock them. They are easy targets to us. Somehow, it makes us feel a little better to know that someone much more talented and gifted than us can fall. I am waiting for the first person to say otherwise. That person will simply prove my point.

It doesn’t matter who it is that has the problem. As with most things, it’s harder to create something than it is to tear something down. We as people have a choice as to what course we should take. Do we help create something to give to the world or do we just tear it all down. Someone once told me it’s harder to be good than to be evil. It’s harder to be a good parent than a bad parent. It’s harder to be a best friend than an enemy.

Which one are you?

Amy Winehouse

Image by Mr. Mystery via Flickr

2 responses

  1. Gloria Antypowich

    This is so true. It`s so easy to judge—harder to live in that persons shoes. Addiction is addiction–we just hear about the famous or the ones whose addiction leads them to public exposure. The rest carry on under the radar and for the most part “the rest of the world” never knows. But they all need help.

    October 26, 2011 at 12:56 pm

  2. Well said. I can’t bear all the jokes that surface and hatred that is unleashed every time someone in the public eye does something wrong. They may be celebs but they are still only human; a daughter, a son.

    October 28, 2011 at 1:32 am

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