Writing a Dream

New Book, Keeping Busy

While it’s reasonable to say that just under a week out of the gates, Rumbling Heart is hardly a success, it has not perturbed me from continuing to write as I have already started work on its follow up. I am continuing the story line from RH and pushing the characters into unknown territory. Their development will obviously continue and a few seeds I left in the first book will begin to blossom in this next installment.

Whereas the last book set the foundation, this one looks to explore the unknowns and the possibilities that were, while not ignored in the first book, never really looked at as viable options at the time. While the story itself is already outlines, I am still in the very early stages of actually writing the book. A prologue has been written as well as a 20 page outline and I am about 25 pages into the first chapter. I may however forgo the chapter layout for something a little different, but that is still up in the air.

While I am busy working on a new book, obviously my latest is still available for purchase from Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com so please check it out. Free samples are available so no purchase is necessary if you are just looking to take a glance at it.

As far as the name of my next work…hmm…

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