Writing a Dream

Truth and Consequences

So telling the truth in this day and age can get you killed…but then I guess it’s always been like that. While I am not involved in a situation with millions of dollars at stake, I do have to admit that while I know I did the right thing, I was the only one to get in any sort of trouble for it. Be that as it may, I am still not done talking. It pains me to see how people can be so conniving and ruthless as long as it doesn’t have any effect on them or their loved ones. It also pains me to see that while damage in some cases can be mitigated, regardless of how much preparation you have, you can still get hurt.

When a woman I know goes off and starts wrecking not only good relationships, but homes where there are children involved, that is where I step back and dismiss this person as my friend. If it were simply a misunderstanding, I can buy that maybe one time. However, by the 4th time, it’s an obvious pattern. This woman has no moral compass and she doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants. She reminds me of a woman I used to have in my life just by her actions: she wants people to control.

Obviously there is only so much I can do. I did what i felt needed to be done and I blew the whistle. I let the current target know of her previous actions and what she is probably planning for him. While I am a 33 year old man and did manage to see through her ruse in a reasonable amount of time, her new target is that of an 18 year old kid; a mere child in comparison when it comes to wisdom. I was nice to him and never once spoke down to him while I spoke my peace. He, in return, was a decent fellow and noticed that I was only looking out for his own good, but as with most 18 year olds who think they know it all, my advisements were supposedly dismissed.

As a way to display her control over this young man, I received mocking text messages as she thought i sought to break them apart. One such message states:

“Yes and still he sat up with me till he thought I was ok…probably not what you wanted huh. he thought you were mean. lol again not what you wanted huh.”

Stupidity is playing a role here and luckily she has little to no brain. As i stated earlier, it was never my intention to break them apart, but simply to place an idea in his head; an idea of what the truth really is. I know he has heard the same story I told him the other night before and while he keeps the strong face on, I know this kid is having second thoughts on the inside. The doubt has been planted. Sure, she may be happy thinking she has complete control over him, but i believe however long it lasts, he will always have that story poking at his conscience.

You can only here the exact same story from so many different people till you have to believe there is some truth there.

The truth has come out and if he cannot see, I can only hope he doesn’t let himself get too deeply involved. On the other end of the spectrum though he may try his hardest to get closer to her now, which I knew was a possibility; after all, he is a kid.

So I say to this kid good luck and I sincerely wish you the best. I hope you are able to see through the ruse the same as I was.

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