Writing a Dream

Massive Changes to Chapter 5

Decided to include a huge storyline that I’d initially decided against putting into chapter five. It makes more sense now so I am adding a large portion of work to that chapter. So far, it takes up about an extra three pages which is still small considering the book is approaching 500. I’ve alerted my proofer and they were not really upset, but not sure if they were happy that I decided to add the additional material. They’d just finished going through the book and found the story entertaining and at times, captivating. I am not making the storyline so big that it completely changes the direction of the book, but I think it will enrich the growth of one of my characters so it’s going in.

Other than that, I am reconsidering the release date. As I mentioned I set the date tentatively as I knew I might face a few delays. I may have to push it back about a week as I completely forgot to take into account that i will have finals the week before and will likely be concentrating on them so much that I may neglect the book and not hit the date. I don’t want to pressure myself to the point where I release a mediocre work and disappoint people. I will keep the date as is, but it may change.


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