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Oil and Our WTH! Moments…

First four-dollar gasoline in Crozet, Virginia...

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This isn’t a post about much of anything except complaining. It’s simply something that I have been thinking about and trying to think over logically. As you all have probably figured by now, I am referring to the price of gasoline and how much the price has skyrocketed in the last few weeks. I am not going to start bashing oil companies like Exxon Mobil ( XOM ), Royla Dutch Shell ( RDSA ), Chevron, ( CVX ), British Petroleum ( BP ), and ConocoPhilips ( COP ), because it’s completely pointless. We can whine and cry all we want but it looks like these prices are here to stay for awhile…but it’s not like anyone will care about not crying and complaining so go ahead and do it.

As far as my complaint? My WTH moment? It came over the last couple of months as the price of gasoline went from about $2.55 a gallon to now hitting $3.79 in some areas of South Texas . That is a massive spiking! I’m not a math wiz, but if I figured that correctly thats a 32.71% increase just in a couple of months. I know I am not the only one who thinks this is kind of insane. I am sure people from other parts of the country will say things like “Be happy! My gas is $5.25 a gallon” or something along those lines. Gotta take into account though some of those locations already had high prices. Percentage wise, I am sure the increase is the same.

Seeing such a significant increase has me thinking about various reasons for such hikes. I remember back in 1996 when the price of gas in Corpus Christi was about $1.10 a gallon and when it went up to $1.25, it felt like the end of the world! (by the way, that’s just a comparatively tame 12% increase) Even that price change felt like it took at least a few months to happen. It wasn’t unusual to see the price go from about $1.05 to $1.09 in a months time. Of course, those changes may be different, but it sure felt that way. Seeing how these prices are eating everyone’s wallets, it makes me think about how someone like me who is perpetually broke will be able to afford getting to school at this rate. As we all know, Independence Day is just a few months away and that is one of a handful of holidays in which the price of oil just goes nuts. (Remember in 2008 when gas was over $5 a gallon here in Texas? Not fun.)

It makes me wish I lived much closer to my college and if I did live within a certain distance, I could see myself investing $80 in a cheap Wal-Mart ten speed bike. Figure by the time we are well into the summer months, the bike will have paid for itself within 6-7 weeks.

I can see the mini apocalypse now…if the middle east were to suddenly run out of oil…$40 for a gallon of gas. Enjoy the ride to the beach.

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