Writing a Dream

Editing Chapter 3

So working during the night and sick as well does have its benefits. I am able to work uninterrupted for extended periods of time. I have already emailed my professors letting them know I will not be making it in tomorrow. Being the teachers pet does have its perks as my math instructor gave me all my assignments ahead of time without an argument. She even let me sign in so that when I left early yesterday to come home and rest, i wouldn’t be counted as absent.

Regardless, I am glad to have this time to work on the book. I had let it take a backseat the first couple of weeks of school, but now that I have a good flow going for my classes, I am able to work on it and also keep up with my assignments. Chapter 3 needed very few edits, but a handful of sentences did need some revisions. I was able to get through it in an hour, and although I was looking to move onto chapter 4, I may call it a night as my cold / flu / Hemorrhoid or whatever this is seems to be getting worse even with medication.

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