Writing a Dream

Editing to Begin Monday

Planning on editing starting tomorrow. I have a proofer reading right now, but she is getting delays by other events in her life, so I will proceed with editing so that I can keep my schedule moving. She’s already provided some good feedback on the first five chapters. While errors have been minimal, I do admit I may have missed them since I tend to skim over my own work rather than actually read it. I am trying to correct that so I can become more effective in self analysis. I know i need to strengthen some relationships in the story and also provide a better introduction into chapter 5.

If anyone is at all interested, I do have PDFs available. I am also looking to prepare a living document that while not editable, will accept the addition of notes and it will be based off of the Word 2010 format. To provide for ease of reading and editing, I originally wrote the book using double spacing. I prefer this method as it helps me separate certain parts of the book along with making the sentences not look as if they are running together.

In the coming weeks, I will try to setup photography time so that I can begin exploring various cover options and maybe even include a picture of myself on the “back” of the book. Right now I can only imagine that the book will be digital, but based on how well accepted it is at my college, I may try and make a connection with a traditional publishing house.

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