Writing a Dream

Chapter 27

Damn, this one was hard and it will need some revision, especially color-wise. I stepped out of my comfort zone of dialog heavy writing and tried like hell to describe a very intense and dramatic scene. It was hard and I know it doesn’t sound great right now, but I am glad to have gotten through it. I am sure in the coming weeks when i revise it, I can add a lot more to it and make is sound more like my style. I make a real effort to not use any dialog in this chapter, wanting to try and focus on the raw emotion of descriptive writing. I hope I was able to pull it off. I will know soon enough.

Last chapter is being written right now. I think this one will be much easier as I am just letting the words flow out without thinking about style. I am sure there will be a lot of dialog and it will be a recapping of sorts. Will also being tying up all the loose ends and bringing things to a close. It’s been an adventure and I hope that the world will at least appreciate my efforts in all this.

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