Writing a Dream

Chapter 16

Turned out to be a little longer than I thought, but as I was wrapping it, I got into that writer’s groove and just went with it. What was supposed to be about 2 more pages turned into 9 and the re-emergence of a character that sorely needed it. One character saw their exit which I was happy about because sadly they weren’t terribly appealing and I had a hard time coming up with material for them. Monday is a study day for me as my English final is Tuesday. The final is easy stuff and I know I will ace it, but still i want to make sure i Have the right organization for the in class paper I have to write. Chapter 17 will be the culmination of a friendship in the book that needs to finally make it’s way to more solid ground. Once that is done, chapter 18 looks to be another big build up to a second major section of the book which has the two main characters trying to figure out what they have to do to make things they way they were or at least try to make things workout for them.

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