Writing a Dream


Having a bit of a hard time finishing this current chapter. It’s by fat eh hardest part to write because of the content and the emotion involved. The following chapters will be just as hard so it’s taking me some time to get my thoughts situated. Toward the end of the chapter, there is to be a huge scene with a lot of various characters involved and I am trying to direct the scene in my mind. Figuring out who speaks, who doesn’t, who stands where, who talks to who, it’s a hell of a task. Most of my scenes only involved between 2-4 people where as this one could involved upwards of 10 people, possibly even up to 30 or 40 people. It’s like watching a personal movie in my mind and I am trying to organize it. I guess this is what will seperate me from the fakers.

I am also trying to keep the cussing in my book to a minimum but this scene is where a majority of it will come out and I am trying to find a middle ground here. You can only sub in so many words till eventually to express the true grittiness of the situation you gotta toss in a few four letter bombs to bring realism to the scene. I hope I can manage alright.


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