Writing a Dream

Total Eclipse

Well, looks like Olivia sent me a different message a couple of nights ago. I had been having the recurring dream where she would appear and we would just talk and hangout, no big deal. Well, it changed the other night. This time I was at a show, I am guessing at an Arena or a larger venue. I was wearing a backstage pass and Olivia was up on stage performing her usual stuff, all good. Then something odd happened. She ended up doing a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart. I know, it’s an older song, but you gotta admit it’s still very good all these years later. When she sang it, she sounded just like herself and not like Bonnie, as if she was staying true to the original arrangement, but was still able to place her personal stamp on it.

Olivia Lufkin

I woke up thinking of the song and decided to dig it out of my music collection and sure enough, it’s still a great tune. It also woke something up in me.

While the story itself is still going in the same direction, I was hit with another dose of inspiration. I was able to think about it awhile and I came up with a ton of dialog and actions for one of the coming chapters. I am very glad too, cause the current chapter I am working on, while good, isn’t all I had hoped it would be. It was mostly a lot of filler which needed to be done, but I managed to get through it and it’s almost done; maybe 2-5 more pages. The chapter that I was inspired to write from this dream is going to be very explosive and may end up being the heart of the book. I am so thrilled that I managed to get more ideas simply from dreaming. Who knows, maybe in another week or so I will write a different ending to the book cause as of right now, while I have the concept down, I am torn between which three directions the ending can go.

Enjoy the 80s revival with this video.

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