Writing a Dream


I’ve caught something and its setting in as I type. I felt a little odd last night, but today just in the last few hours its really hitting me. Hoping it’s just a cold, but I am starting to get body aches so it may be the flu. I am a bit worried. It’s very rare that I get the flu or colds. I’ve gotten the flu maybe twice in my life and had maybe 4 colds. However, when I do get sick, it’s usually pretty severe. In most cases I end up bed-ridden for several days. I don’t feel thirsty in the slightest yet, I can feel myself getting dehydrated so I am forcing down liquids. My face is beginning to burn and the fever keeps coming and going. Definitely a virus as I haven’t really spiked a fever…more like it just swings in and out. Bacterial, I’d be at like 103-104 which sadly I have experienced and thats not fun either.


I just wish my nose would stop running. I cannot stop sneezing. Damn, this really sucks! I want to eat, but have no appetite. Looks like I am gonna lose 10lbs over the weekend.


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  2. by the way I am immune to h1n1…was around more than 100 people sick with various flu’s last year, some turned out to be confirmed cases…yet i never got sick…not even a sniffle. So no, this is not h1n1 so enough with scare tactics.

    November 18, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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