Writing a Dream

At Rest

I was doing some file recovery from really old floppy disc and came across a folder of various writings I did many years ago. Here is a poem that even today I am proud of. It’s a bit spooky too. Notice the date… God, I am old. If i remember correctly, this is another writing I did concerning a dream I had. I tend to do that a lot. In fact, I may just post a few more dreams that I have saved on here for people to look over and see just how odd they are. The practice of writing down my dreams is something I have done off and on since I was a teenager. I was so happy to have found some of my older ones so that I may share them all these years later.


“Wake Up My Darling


my foggy, shadowed windows

on a frozen winter night

I peel back the layers of darkness

to view my beloved lady


cause of much disbelief

red is everywhere

a fertile life flows out

beautiful eyes forever close


the cold street beneath my knees

her face is framed

her head I cradle

my body rain pours


like speaking to a stone wall

wake up my darling, wake up

our audience stares

stone faces


sirens blare to no avail

not a voice is heard


wake up my darling, wake up




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